Having your husband call you in the middle of the day over a chapter in the Bible.  Excitement and shouts of “Honey, it’s like I could HEAR Jesus saying it!  Only He wasn’t SAYING it, He was YELLING it at these guys!” 

Having your son come to tell you the verse he’s just read this morning and tells you, “Mom, I memorized one!  And I picked it out!”

And after releasing those finances and vowing to NOT worry about them, give them to God and NOT take them back…I get a call out of the blue from someone needing care.  And it fills my last spot, thus providing that money I have spent the last 3 weeks worrying over.  God’s kind of cool like that…I think if He could flip my ear, He would. LOL 

And those engagement pictures I just did?  Provided the grocery money I was needing for next week.  More than I needed as a matter of fact.  34 prints is a lot!! 

And my heart is full to overflowing…I think I’ll share an orange popsicle with my adorable daughter who is currently sitting in my lap dripping a red one all down her tummy….

That’s cool….