One of my favorite parts of scripture is when it says: “He had compassion on them”.

Compassion: n. Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. past participle of compatī, to sympathize

All through the Bible, there are verses with this little phrase;  I’m not sure why TODAY I’m noticing them (maybe because I was so mean yesterday LOL ).   So I did a search on and found TONS of references to compassion in the Bible.

God, Christ has compassion on US!  He sees our suffering and He wishes to RELIEVE it.  Hmmm…now my head is just spinning with the knowledge of this!  Bear with me here as I wrap my head around this…

              My roof leaks and I can’t fix it.  He wishes to relieve that.

             New baby didn’t start like she was supposed to.  He wishes to relieve that.

             Didn’t get paid for the portraits I did.  He wishes to relieve that.

To ME, these are minor worries buzzing around in my head that take my focus off of where it is supposed to be:  Christ.  BUT, even if these are MINOR in the grand scheme of life (Myanmar…now THAT is a major catastrophe.  Roof leaking….minor.  I do at least have my priorities straight. LOL), He has a Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

How utterly COOL is that?? 

And….I believe that is where a lot of people fall short.  Our human natures and human hearts coupled with our experiences, lead us to throw our compassion right out the window.  And some people, have lost their compassion all together.  People that are different than us, MEAN people (there is MY struggle, mean people don’t NEED compassion in MY head. LOL  And yes, I’maware that’s wrong.  I never said I was perfect.), people who don’t use wisdom and get themselves in trouble….these are cases that we all seem to struggle with.  And then there are SOME people who I suspect missed out on their serving of compassion altogether.  LOL  Oh wait…that’s not funny…

Isn’t it lucky for US, that Christ isn’t like that?  “He had compassion on them…”

I just found that particular phrase LEAPING out at me from the page today in my devotion time.  Thought I would share with you….