Today is just a 2-blog day I guess.  LOL  Although for some reason, the time is off and according to WordPress, it’s currently 2:30 in the morning on July 8th.  And although in some part of the universe, it may BE, right here where I sit, rest assured, it is not.  I’m too old and tired to be up that early in the morning.  LOL

I just had the sweetest thing happen!  I was so anxious to get Austin his new Bible since he is so hungry to read and learn and he went out to the mailbox and lo and behold, sitting in the mailbox is a brand spankin’ new Bible JUST for him! 

He opened the package and saw it was a Bible and got SO excited!  He kept saying, “a Bible just for me!”  Which now that I’m thinking about it…..he HAS another Bible technically…not like he was deprived a Bible! HAAAAAAAAAA!!  But I know exactly what he meant.  He has a Bible that he can USE now and understand.  And he sat himself right down and started reading it.  He is a very satisfied young man right now.  I’m so proud of him. 

So thank you to my dear friend Maggie, whose face I haven’t been blessed to see…. yet, but ONE DAY my friend….I promise, ONE DAY!  And I would be honored beyond words to photograph your beautiful family!  Thank you for thinking of my son and his growth and development beyond the physical.  It’s a gift I can never repay.

Austin receiving his Ipod at church

Austin receiving his Ipod at church