Oh I’ve said it before….God has a great sense of humor.   Monday, I’m still worrying and fretting over this whole stupid vacation fiasco, and Mike is truckin’ along with no worries and no concerns at all.  Still reading his Bible every day and loving life.  I called him some point of the morning to let him know how much the car would be to fix (minor repair that if left alone, would have cost a TON), and I tell him I just feel so ATTACKED!  Since we’ve been reading our Bible everyday and sharing Christ, I just feel like all these things have been going WRONG!

And he said very plainly, “To YOU they are going wrong.  To me they encourage me to KEEP going.”  Great.  I was just “told” by my husband.  LOL

He said his prayer every morning is that he will have an opportunity to share Christ with someone.

He said that he had an experience that morning that he seriously could have LAUGHED at God over.  There is a man at work that drives him NUTS!  He comes home from work and will recant story after story of stupid/funny things this man either did or said, and not laughing WITH him, if you catch my drift. ;0)

So this man is telling Mike about going to the music festival over the weekend and Mike casually asks him which ONE because he went to one over the weekend too!  The man, I’ll call Joe, replied he went to the rock one because the Reggae festival was rained out.  So Mike tells him that he was at that one, and no, it had not been rained out and Mike tells him that he went with our church youth group to witness to people. 

Mike thinks end of story and Joe will carry on to work….

Not so!  Joe just stands there for a few minutes, watching Mike work and shuffling his feet.  It suddenly hits him like a ton of bricks, “Joe” wants to know about God!  About the time Mike comes to this realization, Joe asks what sort of things was he saying…..

Mike said he was DUMBFOUNDED!  LOL  Of all people he could share Christ with, he NEVER expected it to be Joe that drives him CRAZY with his stupidity!  LOL  We have laughed and laughed over this!  So now, Joe is his little pet project….

And on the other hand, I’ve felt for a while that I was supposed to help Mike’s cousin (yes the mean one).  I don’t know about her salvation in the least, I know she USED to go to church and her mother is saved, but that doesn’t mean a thing.  I know that her life is hard and she is hard and it reflects in everything she does and says.  And at the time of all this blow up, I had been trying to help her in my own slow way….sharing Christ when I can with her.  The HOPE that He has given me and the change He has made in my everyday life.  I do feel such compassion for her in that I recognize her need for Him.  She NEEDS hope to keep going.  But in this situation, I’m not laughing very much.  When someone hurts you like this, you fail to see the humor in it anymore.  So now I’m stuck.   Pay her or let the money already given her for the vacation we aren’t going to TAKE now be enough to cover the cost to cancel it?  Be the bigger person and let our family pay twice?  Life’s decisions are not always easy….

But I think it’s funny how BOTH Mike and I are having higher experiences with the last people we ever would have imagined….God certainly does have a good sense of humor! 

And I’m finished with Matthew and onto John….