Started reading John the other day, and chapter 3 really made me think;  it deals with people rejecting Christ.

Since I’ve started reading BOOKS and not just willy-nilly through the Bible, I seem to be GETTING it better.  When we went on our “fishing” trip with the Youth to the Riverwalk, I only had ONE man reject what I tried to give him.  He had a beautiful set of brand new twins and of COURSE, that got my attention!  So I’m admiring his new daughters and then offered him a million dollar bill and he throws his hands up in the air like I had just offered him leprosy!  I was dumbfounded by that!  I’m offering you Christ, forgiveness of your sins and a better LIFE and AFTERLIFE and you throw your hands up in the air as if I’m offering you garbage I just picked out of the trash.

Mike had a similar experience, but it was done with blatant meanness and unfortunately directed at Chandler.  (I’m so glad I wasn’t there because I would have been ugly. ;0) )  Mike had Chandler hand out the coins or tracts to people that he couldn’t hand them out to, like women and children.  One young lady was sitting at a table with a group of young men and Chandler offered her one and she turned her nose up at it.  The young men started teasing her about it NOT taking it, so she rudely accepted it, but as soon as they were done, she made sure to walk to the trash can directly in front of Mike and my sweet son and throw the coin in the trash….making direct eye contact so she KNEW they saw her do it. 

Now, if that were ME, I would have made some comment I am sure.  Shame shame shame on you for being openly MEAN to a child.  That’s not right.  Mike, only smiled.  And it has encouraged him to do MORE.  And he explained to Chandler so he was not upset over her horrid behavior either.  God is a GOOD God for sure putting Chandler with Dad and not his mouthy mother. ;o)  I’m learning.  LOL

I’m just baffled and dumbfounded by their behavior.  We are not offering trash or timeshares to the swamp, this is CHRIST our salvation!  But obviously, He knew it, and it occured in the Bible, and it still happens today. 

Anyway, just reading today and I got to thinking….

Still haven’t figured out what to do about the vacation thing…we are making plans to go somewhere new and somewhere we haven’t been before, so it should be FUN at least, and at least we are together!  And maybe we’ll share Christ along the way as we go….make the trip a TWO-FOLD trip!  LOL  But as for paying for the OLD trip, I just don’t know yet….