I have always been a firm believer in showing kindness, when we don’t want to, to whom we don’t want to, to strangers, to people we love.  We give when it hurts and we give when we don’t feel it.  I know I have given on many occassions when it hurt to do so.   I’ve given to faceless strangers I will never see and I’ve given to family and friends who I see all the time.  I believe it is the Christ in us that makes us do these things.  Even if we don’t know Him, we feel Him. 

I have to tell you of one of the sweetest things I’ve experienced and it has allowed me to feel Christ in others.   I blogged last week about one of my times that I gave when I didn’t want to.  At the time I didn’t want to, but once I started, I loved it and was so excited to do it.  And when I started and at times as I was doing it, it hurt.  Giving little things that belong to my much prayed for, much loved only daughter.  Little bows that I made myself.  Dresses that I saved to buy for her.  A nightlight I bought to keep in her room that has The Lord is my Shepherd on it.  These are things that hurt to give, but I did because God told me to do it.  She is blessed to have these things, and God told me to bless someone else with them.  In sharing this story of giving to the family I don’t even know, I received a message froma person I don’t even know. 

And on the porch today, in a simple little box was the most incredible creations I’ve ever laid my eyes on. 

For those that know, they know what a bow NUT I am.  I have to have them for every outfit, every occassion, every holiday and season.  And all of her bows, I have made myself.  And in saying that….I can say without a doubt, I have never in MY life, made bows as beautiful as the ones I received in the little box on the porch.

Jen, from Allthingsribbon.com sent me to give to the family that lost everything in the fire, the most beautiful bows I have ever laid eyes on.  I am humbled by her gratitude and giving heart!  Lord, I ask that You bless Jen and her family over and above anything they could ever hope in, wish for, or dream about!  I may not know her, but You do, and I ask that You blow them away with Your Spirit and Your love!  Let them feel You like they have NEVER experienced before.  I thank You, Lord, for her. Bless her, please!  In Jesus name!

And there were not just a FEW bows in there, there is a BUNCH!  And they are all just as gorgeous as they can be!  I don’t know if this family who is receiving them puts bows in their daughter’s hair or not, but I promise they will NOW!