Ever have times when you just feel so overwhelmed you have to remember to breathe?  I’m there.  And I put it all on myself.  My job….my other job….and my photography….but I will say, the photography is a STRESS reliever for me.  I sit sometimes and just sit and dream photography.  Poses….lighting….even people, set ups I’d like to try, actions and skills I want to learn…yes, it’s my stress reliever.  I’m still new at it, but I simply love it.  One day….one day, I’ll be really good….

And times and days when I just feel overwhelmed with the reality that is my life, it’s good to have at least ONE thing that brings me ultimate joy!  But some days, it just seems so overwhelming:  babies crying all day, parents and their unreal expectations of me, kids demanding everything, deadlines to be met, bills to find money for, oh gosh, did I study my Sunday lesson yet?, Austin has practice, did I l give Chandler enough attention today? Brooklyn has pottied on the floor again, and somewhere in this mix, I’m trying to get my degree, did I ever finish that last exam?  And someone always has a hand out for money…..

I just want to curl up in my Momma’s lap and sleep for a while.  I yearn for those times when I could do that.  I see these teenagers just ITCHING to get out there and start their life, and I just want to SCREAM at them to “HOLD ON!!  It goes so fast, just enjoy for awhile…slow down and just be YOUNG a little longer.  You’ll grow up soon enough and wish you could go back……”  These stresses of life will pile on and you’ll feel like your drowning, just sit back and breathe…..

Just breathe…..

Job 33:4 says The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.  Oh I could sit and breathe that in….the breath of my Creator has given me life…..

And another day goes by…flies by…..somehow it all seems to get done at the end of the day.  Meals are cooked, schoolwork finished, practices are met, ice cream bought for Chandler….kids in bed, sewing started again or more editing to be done….did I ever finish that unit exam?  Fall into bed exhausted.

Another day done…..

                           I lie down and sleep;
                                          I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.

                         The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue,
                                          to know the word that sustains the weary.
                                         He wakens me morning by morning, 
                                         wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.

Another day started…..and I survive. 

Lord, I thank You for the vacation that is coming Friday.  I thank You that we were still able to go and do something together.  Help me to forgive those who messed up our BIG vacation and be satisfied with our alternative.  Keep us safe.  Keep us protected.  Keep us HAPPY with one another.  Give me REST…..help me to breathe…….