So, we are off tomorrow on our vacation that wasn’t originally planned, but nonetheless, we will be satisfied with.  With our luck, if we had gone to Florida on the original vacation, we would have been blown away.  And that would have put a damper on my vacation. 

So we are going to be satisfied with THIS vacation and hopefully take another one before I die to Florida…or South Carolina….or Maine….gosh, or Washington or Alaska.  So many places I’ve never been to and would LOVE to see.  Oh to see Maine in the fall…what a sight…

Lord, I ask that You keep us safe on our travels.  Keep us WELL and patient.  I forgive the person that ruined our original vacation and I will not hold a grudge.  I won’t.  I promise.  And if I do….correct me.  Give us wisdom in all things and help us find someone this lovely weekend to share You with.  We’ve even packed our shiny coins and million dollar tracts, just in case.  We love you and thank you that we are able to get away from our normal lives and reconnect as a family.  In Jesus name….