Yes, those are some mighty big words there….but I’ve been to “hell” recently and it was in the form of a work out room at our local Y.  And one of Satan’s evil minions was innocently named Drew.  I know it was a ploy to make me think he was all nice and sweet and “has my best interests at heart”, but I am OH SO WISE to him.   He even spoke of God’s mercies being new every morning….I know satan knows scripture too, so you can’t fool me….

Yes, I make light of it, but only to hide my tears….of PAIN!  I will say, I have sadly neglected MYSELF in the raising of my children.  That’s pretty safe to say.  And now I’m paying for it.  OYE!  I know it’s “necessary” and “good for me” but that doesn’t make me WANT to do it any more!  The desire to do this has NOT grown in knowing this information.  I’d rather sleep!  And enjoy a good steak and shrimp.  LOL  I’d rather not worry so much about stuff and just do what I want to do:  which is sleep….and enjoy a good STEAK and SHRIMP!  BAHAHAHAHA!!! 

Oh yes, I’m eating it in my head right now…..

But yesterday, it came to my attention that where I have been spiritually growing myself, I’ve IGNORED what God was so patiently trying to tell me:  I need to shrink physically!  No, He didn’t tell me to lose weight, God IS a gentleman.  But He did impress upon my heart several times this past weekend that I needed to get into physically better shape than what I’m in. 

We went to Oceans of Fun and my boys, being boys, of course wanted to run around and DO all this stuff and go down all these fast, fun slides, but my first thought was always weight.  Can I do this?  Is there a weight limit?  LOL  And I’ll tell you, some skinny person definitely put them ALL at the top of STEEP hills and miles and miles of stairs!  UGH! That was AWFUL!  My boys were up at the top LONG before I huffed and puffed my way up there!  LOL  I did do it though!  WAY out of my comfort zone, but I did it!  Score one for the Chunky Chicks!  LOL

And I know that sometime in my lifetime, I will be GOING somewhere.  I will be sharing Christ with people.  Where and when and HOW, I don’t know yet.  All I know is that God is preparing me.  US, really, and that preparation means I need to get in better shape.  I am by NO means saying that larger people cannot serve God on the mission field, that would be stupid!  And while my intelligence is fickle, I am not a stupid woman!  LOL  I am only saying that I would have an easier time doing it in better SHAPE.  And that’s the simple truth of the matter.  And yes, it would definitely give me more confidence in myself because I am always self-conscious about the issue.  

So that brought me to the evil Y last night. 

And to Drew, the evil little man.

BUT, they both gave me an education on preparing my body physically to do more things.  And so that’s what I did.  I discovered that riding a bicycle is VERY much different than riding the “new” excercise bicycle.  And that ellipticals are PURE EVIL and I am nowhere near ready for the likes of that.  I will try it again though.  But not tonight.  Treadmills are “safe” enough for me.  And I did promise evil Drew I wouldn’t go flying off of it.  I plan on keeping that promise too…. And he also showed me the importance of doing different THINGS to improve different areas of my body.  Treadmills and walking is good, but doing the resistant machines are good too and I need to have a well-balanced work out.  Evil…..EVIL I SAY!!  But I will do it so that I can serve my God to the best of my ability.  Because I so DESIRE to do that!  Wherever and however He wants to use me. 

So in the evenings, you can find me at the EVIL Y inwardly cringing and trying to stay alive and UPRIGHT on the treadmill, or stupid exercise bike….and even the elliptical.  Because I strive to do better and BE better and grow myself spiritually….and shrink physically.  Or in the least, to be able to walk and share Christ at the same time without fainting.

It’s good to have goals….

Oh you didn’t think I was actually going to put a picture of MYSELF up there did you???  BAHAHAHAHA!!!  Silly people…..again, I’m not a STUPID woman…..LOL