One of my original blogs a while back was that I knew God had called me to do SOMETHING in missions, and I just happened to mention how I’d love to do something with orphanages or children, something working and hands on. 

Jeff (he’s one of the heads of the Aquila Project listed —->over there on the side, one of those little handy links) mentioned last night that one of our fellow churchs here will be (possibly) taking over the Orphanages in Myanmar and will be sending teams there all the time.   There’s that little jump in my heart!  Funny how it didn’t ever do that in the past whenever missions were mentioned….but here it is jumping all over the place!

So after talking to Jeff (again, that handy Aquila project link —->) about the legistics of doing a mission trip, especially for a MOTHER, I walked across the street and ran into our incredible Pastor, Gordon.  I mentioned to him I’d like him to pray with me over a possibility of this and he started off with….”Well, Dana, let me just say this……”

(And here is where my heart stopped for just a split second.  With our old staff, that would have been quickly followed with something negative, so I will admit I had that knee-jerk reaction of bracing myself.  I hate that about myself….)  But he followed it with:

“Airline tickets for you and Mike would easily run you $4 grand, but airline tickets to say….MEXICO for the 2 of you would only run you HALF of that!”  And then he went on to tell me how there are places in Mexico that are just DESPERATE for Orphanages and how he would LOVE to maybe start one of our OWN down there! 

And that is when I started to cry.  And I hate THAT about myself too.  LOL  I just can’t describe the absolute JOY over the possibility of DOING something like that!  And it came out in the form of CRYING in front of my PASTOR!  UGH!  I was bumbling all over myself, I was so excited to talk to him about it!  LOL  But knowing my Pastor’s missions heart the way I do, I’m sure he understands.  There is NO doubt that I will do something in this area, NO doubt!  And that overwhelming feeling of emotion at the prospect of it just gets me all flustered.  LOL   Gosh, I can’t even seem to put it in typed words either!  LOL  Excitement to the extreme of stealing MY speech should say volumes though!  LOL  HAAAAAAAA! 

But infants and children are my THING!  That’s my education (and continuing education as I’m still trying to finish those stupid classes!!) and my YEARS of background!  I’ve easily put 20 years into it!  OYE, maybe I shouldn’t have said THAT….just erase that from your memory, I’m still forever 28….. But working with infants and children I can DO!  That’s my area of MOST expertise!  That’s my comfort zone!  Of course it’s in another COUNTRY which is WAY out of my comfort zone, but I can do all things with Christ who gives me the STRENGTH to leave that comfort zone!

But along with the excitement, are the everyday issues of life that I have to figure out the plan for.  I am a wife and mother and a working wife and mother to make matters more complicated.  So now begins the planning stage for how I will do this.  How I can leave 3 children (although truth be told, I’d love to take them with me, at least to Mexico.  I know that sounds crazy, but knowing Austin and how hard of a worker he is, and the freakish attraction that Chandler is to all kids, they simply ADORE him!  I know that both of them would be simply amazing there and God would bless them tremendously!  But again, another area to pray for) and leave my job even for a week.  The problem becomes who will step into my place and be able to take care of my kids?  Could I afford to lose another week’s worth of pay?  And OH MY how can I afford to come up with SO MUCH MONEY to even GO??

So those are the areas I need prayer for, if you wouldn’t mind.  Jeff challenged us to pray EVERYDAY for 3 minutes.  And I was a little surprised that a lot of people in our own church, have a difficult time praying for even ONE minute everyday!  But that’s another story….  So I’m asking for prayers for these areas:  someone to care for my children if they cannot go with me, funds to sustain us while I’m gone, and that I will be able to raise the funds to be able to go.  In talking to Jan, Jeff’s lovely wife, quite a few months back, she told me how they saved change!  So I have my little change jar that normally would have fed my Pepsi addiction, sitting in the window of my entry way and any change that I find or have leftover, goes into my Missions jar.  Funny I started that a few months back….  And I fully realize that leftover change will not fund a mission trip, but I’m praying that God will send the people that can help me do this.  Because I believe with my whole heart, that God SENDS some people, and then God sends others to HELP with it, either through prayer or finances. 

Lord, I am humbled to know that YOU, the Creator of the universe, would look on ME to do something so big.  But I have no doubt that You have called me to that something greater, something MORE, something far bigger than my mind could ever conceive.  There is no question either that this will include leaving my comfort zone and going somewhere, and probably only You alone can understand the excitement and yes, I’ll admit, fear, of doing this.  But I am so there….I am so ready!  Lord, I am so WILLING!  And so darn excited, I’m tearing up again.  LOL  Lord, I ask that the way will be paved ahead of me.  All the worries and stress of something like this, will be taken away and the way will be made where naturally I could not see or understand.  The planning for something like this will be smooth and the funds will be there.  Funds for not only a trip, but the funds to still pay my bills.  Show me ways to save money everyday.  Send people that can help me with this.  Lord, give me direction and strength to GO as You have called me.   I choose to live SUPERNATURALLY and I can only do that with Your power!  I cannot thank You enough….there are physically no words to tell You how full my heart is with emotion.  I am speechless…..But I love You with all of my heart and I want to please You, in Jesus name…..

Brooklyn in costume

Brooklyn in costume