Sunday, we were given a card about the size of a credit card, and we are to write 3 names on the back of this card and commit to PRAY for these 3 names everyday. 

I have had my card, but had no idea what names to put down.  Originally, I thought we were to write the names of 3 people that need the Lord, meaning salvation.   But, I’ll be completely honest here, I do not know of 3 people in my direct circle (as per the directions) that are unsaved.  I live in a bubble here, people, and the ones I let in are all, to my knowledge, saved. 

Now, Mike took it to mean people that NEED the Lord, as in need Him to do a mighty work in their lives, not necessarily salvation.  So he chose his names, and one name I was really greatly puzzled at.  And then, wow, out of the blue, this man calls Mike yesterday (the first day of our prayer challenge) just to talk.  Mike called me all excited….almost giddy if I can say that…..telling me of this neat experience he’s had the FIRST day with his #2 name!  And he has NO doubt whatsoever that he chose his names correctly.

So I prayed Sunday night for God to give me my 3 names.  Nothing.

So I prayed again last night for my 3 names and lo and behold, I didn’t get 3 names….I got MORE.  I was a little taken aback by this, but I’m going with it.  They were distinct names, and yes, one I was puzzled over, but I’ll do it anyway because that’s the name God wanted down there.  Not all the names of the people need salvation, but all of them seem to need God to move and breathe and work in ways I cannot understand.  And I don’t NEED to understand, God works pretty well on His own. 

So here are my names:

Sharon & Chris



Austin and Chandler


Lord, obviously I don’t know the reasons I have the names, but You do.  You are all-wise and all-powerful and all-knowing.  You see things I cannot see and you know things I do not know.  Lord, I ask that you move in a way that these people have NEVER experienced!  I ask that You make a mighty statement in these peoples lives.  Reveal Yourself to them POWERFULLY!  I ask that You speak on their behalf.  I ask that you heal areas that need to be healed.  I ask that You give them a greater understanding for WHO and WHAT You are and they will be able to FEEL Your presence in every aspect of their lives.

If it’s salvation they need or to just refocusing their commitment:  SHOW THEM THIS!   Show them their NEED for You!  They are utterly lost and alone without You and I want them to come to a realization of this.  I LOVE Ephesians where it says I ask—ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory—to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life he has for his followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him—endless energy, boundless strength!  THAT’S what I want for them!  I want their eyes focused and clear…

If it’s healing they need:  Lord I ask that You heal them.  Work a miracle in their body, in their minds.  Give the doctor’s wisdom to treat them, if this is the direction You want them to go.

If it’s wisdom:  Lord let them SEE that all wisdom comes from You alone.  Psalm 49:3 says: My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding. 

If it’s direction:  You promised us in Isaiah:  But the Lord still waits for you to come to Him so He can show you His love and compassion.  For the Lord is a faithful God.  Blessed are those who wait for Him to help.  And you will hear a voice say, “This is the way, walk in it”  Lord slow them down, quiet their lives so they can HEAR what it is You are trying to say to them!

Lord I don’t know why I have all these names, I don’t understand what I am supposed to pray for, but I trust that YOU do, and You will give ME wisdom as well to pray the things I need to pray.  And, Lord, if in my foolishness, I stumble and lose my direction to pray what You want me to, forgive me, and call louder!  I’ll LISTEN!  My heart is focusing on You.  Help my ears to hear what it is You want me to.  

I am humbled and in perfect AWE of Your holiness.  My heart is full.  Lord I lift these people up to you, in the name of Jesus……MOVE…..and BREATHE…..and do a mighty, unexplainable work in their lives that they will KNOW where their help comes from and will cry out to You.  And if it’s not a selfish thing to ask, I’d love to see it.  I’d love to see the evidences of the work You are doing in their lives.

In Jesus name…..