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This is my FIRST Thankful Thursday entry….

Yesterday was just OVERALL a rotten day.  It started with Mike trying to take Austin to school and discovering he had a flat.  Nice.  So he ended up missing half day at work to go get 2 new tires.  Only 2…remember that….it’s important.

So the 2 new tires cost $540 and I almost fell out of my CHAIR!  I was shocked, but moved money from our quickly dwindling savings into the checking account.

First thankful:  Thank you, Lord Almighty, that we had ANY savings at all to speak of, and that You made it possible for us to purchase those new tires that were so needed.

And because he was so long in doing that, my handsome honey and I were able to eat lunch together.  I am ALWAYS thankful for times that the honey and I get to spend time together.  We do so many things as a family, that our time alone has seriously suffered.  We need a babysitter. 

2nd Thankful:  Lord, I thank You for Mike.  I thank you that we have had 16 years together and still going strong.  I thank You that he is becoming a powerful man of God more and more everyday and he’s leading our family in the Word as You instructed him to do.  He is a blessing to me and I love him dearly.  Give him an extra great day today, please, In Jesus name…

Then he goes off to work, only to call me at 4 to let me know that he is on the way to the Emergency room. OMG, my heart seriously FELL ON THE FLOOR!  He apparently stepped on a nail at work and it went all the way through his work boots and into his foot. 

3rd thankful: thank you thank you thank you, Lord that it was not serious, and he only required a tetnus shot!  Thank you for protecting him!  And thank you that WORK paid for the trip and the treatment and not us….. :oD  Thank you for covering him DAILY with Your angels to keep him safe from harm, as well as our children. 

On his way home from the emergency room, he discovers JUST why the tires cost so much:  they replaced ALL 4 instead of only 2 as he requested.  The front 2 tires were NEW to begin with and did NOT need to be changed!  I have to say, I was so upset to hear that.  We simply do not have that kind of money to be spending on ANYTHING let alone 2 tires that were not needed.  So I told Mike I would call down there, to which he replied:  they are NOT going to take these tires back.  Just ask them if I can get my other 2 tires BACK to use.  So I called down there and explained what happened, and they were VERY nice and agreed to take the 2 front tires BACK and put his originals BACK ON!  Oh that was a HUGE sigh of relief!

4th Thankful:  Lord, I thank You from the bottom of my heart that You look out for us, and You give us FAVOR with those we encounter!  I thank You for Robertson tire in being gracious enough to agree to make this situation right, and I ask You to please bless them in their business.

Now, since this is my FIRST Thankful Thursday, I hope I did it right.  LOL  Doesn’t matter, I am for sure thankful! 

my beautiful roses that my honey sent me last week

my beautiful roses that my honey sent me last week