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B and pepper 

There doesn’t seem to be any excuse for it, other than pure insanity…and I just have to come to terms with the title. That crazy woman…. And honestly, I’m sure I’ve been called it somewhere along the way already…

It all started a month ago when Austin’s friend called wanting to know if we wanted a little bitty dog.  Well….DUH!  I have ALWAYS always wanted a little bitty Yorkie!  But Mike is just one of those men that has to have the BIG TOUGH dog, so we’ve always had BIG dogs, and both have weighed from 80-95 lbs, so I really mean big dog!  And so it’s always NO to the yappy dogs, as Mike so affectionately calls them.  I was sad….BUT, it’s not like my life is not busy enough that it didn’t last long. 

And then….Friday night, Chris calls again.  They HAVE to get rid of this dog, he says.  And I know, his poor mom has 3 kids and now 3 dogs and she works every waking moment, so I told him, Mike is going to say no.  He does NOT change his mind.  Ever.  Period.  BUT, just in case, when we pick you up tomorrow night….bring him out to the car for Mike to see. ;0) 

B and Pepper 2

Yes, it’s sneaky.  But I was desperate.

And oh my….it was love at first sight.  The birds sang….deer scampered across the glen….and little squirrels sang in the branches overhead.

OK, well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration….but I was in TOTAL love!  He is a little Yorkie Poo.  See, there was this Toy Poodle and Miniature Yorkie…and they loved each other very much….. OK, I’ll stop.  You get the picture.

And here I am holding him and loving all over him in the car at Chris’ house, and the boys are begging and promising their firstborn…and Mike said the UNTHINKABLE.  “I guess.”  No greater words have ever been spoken in the human language. 


And thus it has begun.  This love affair with a little tiny dog, named Pepper.  It has gone everywhere with me.  LOL  And slept on the chests of probably all 3 boys during the sleepover last night.  LOL

And then this morning I just could NOT leave him with that sad face and the cuteness.  So that is when the craziness started officially.  I put him in my purse and took him to church.

Yes.  I did.  For real. 

And walking down the hallway to my Sunday school class in the Youth department, it hit me.  I have become that crazy woman who carries a dog around with her in her purse. :o0 

Oh my…..I have become that woman….

“Hello.  My name is Dana.  I have officially reached the limit for insanity in one human being.”

But I am relishing it!  He is so sweet!  And I’ve heard him bark ONE time and only because the boys were trying to MAKE him.  He has since uttered no other sound.  Although, in doggie, I am sure there are some choice four-letter words he’s just DYING to yell.

And Brooklyn LOVES him!  She has claimed him as HERS and will scream notes only dogs can hear if you get anywhere near him. And I took him into 3 stores today. Only 1 of them, were dogs allowed.

And we took him to the Pumpkin Patch with us as well. Where he was tortured through the entire thing. But in love, as only a 2 year old can do. HAHAHAHA!!


So, this blog doesn’t have that sweet Biblical lesson….some Godly principle…poignant message at the end. Sorry. I’ll try better next time.

Love God. There ya go.

And I’m still praying for my names. And I’ve added to it as well.