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Does the entire rest of my family MISS the Mountain of Laundry that needs to be folded? Or do they just enjoy RAKING through it every morning in the search for clothes? Please. PLEASE, don’t FOLD it or anything! That would be BAD!

Why have I washed and rewashed and REWASHED the same bathing suit that no one has WORN? Why does it keep reappearing in the hamper? And does anyone in this house even OWN this scarf that keeps showing up too? I have visions of a naked boy in search of his bathing suit and scarf…

Doesn’t that TASTE bad?? Why would a baby put that in her mouth? I mean, REALLY, how good could that possibly taste??

Where have all the REST of the socks gone? If we all live in ONE house, no one leaves and vacations somewhere mid-week, no one sleeps over anywhere else lugging around countless socks, so WHERE have the contents of *3* packages of 10 count SOCKS gone??? I only HAVE 2 boys who wear them. And in 4 months time, every pair is gone but apparently 3, and they are rotated, CLEAN OR NOT. And I’m pretty sure a baby couldn’t eat those….Where are they? Maybe I need to explain that socks are NOT disposable, you really can wear them more than once….

Shouldn’t Chandler be sick of eating cereal for every meal? Well except lunch, and only because it’s at school, and they don’t serve it. It’s a wonder the kid weighs anything at all….

Why do these pumpkin cookies look distincly like the female hoodie-hoo? And why after being told this LAST year, did I make them again for the kids? Why would I do that? I need to throw that particular press away….or make hoodie-hoo cookies every year and box them up and send them to Heidi every year because it would be freakin’ hilarious…

And I think I want to change Pepper’s name to Monkey instead because his favorite spot to sit seems to be my shoulder, towards my back.

And why is it just about the time I think I have the living room clean, and start on the kitchen, the naughty elves come and destroy it? Do I not have enough stuff to do around here?

Shouldn’t I have put up my fall decorations by now?

And sent my Aunt the stockings to embroider the names on before Christmas actually COMES? I’ve had a YEAR to mail them….

Count it all joy…. In the midst of it all, I will find the humor that is called Motherhood.

Pretty much sums up how I feel....

Pretty much sums up how I feel....