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I’m struggling a little bit today with my Thankful Thursday. And God is ever so patient with me to send me the mercy I need on days like this. I do not want this Thankful Thursday to resemble whining in any way, so just know I’m trying…

Tomorrow was the designated first day of our BIG vacation….supposed to be. The first day of our BIG vacation in 11 years actually. Austin is the only one of our children that knows what a BIG vacation is, and he only remembers my Mom holding him on the “big boat” (cruise ship) til he fell asleep. But I guess if you are going to remember anything, you can’t beat that memory, so I am very thankful for that.

Our vacations usually consist of just camping, or if it’s bigger than that, we’ll go to Branson, but that only happened once. This vacation was supposed to be a BIG one to Florida for 2 of my children to see the ocean for the first time and I cannot tell you how we ALL looked forward to this! We started planning WAY back in the EARLY spring to take this vacation in October, starting tomorrow. And we were going to have the opportunity to see my family in Atlanta before we made it to Florida, which meant Brooklyn meeting my Grandad for the first time.

Stop. This is resembling whining, and I’m getting upset all over again. I don’t need to cry over this.

Let’s start with my Thankfuls before I really get going down a road I’ll regret.

1.) First off, I am Thankful for the MERCY God has given me in forgiving me and helping me to get past my own bitter, unforgiving heart. I am still sad and disappointed, but I will not hold bitterness, anger and unforgiveness in my heart for the person who took our vacation away from us. I will not do that. And in irony, she has been one of my names I pray daily for, how’s that for a sense of humor? God loves to make me chuckle….

2.) I am very thankful for the vacation we DID get to take! It was not the BIG one we wanted, but we were able to go somewhere the kids had never been before and meet a very sweet friend from online and her beautiful girls! Kansas City was a LOT of fun, and we did some really nice bonding as a family. I am ALWAYS thankful for bonding time with my family.

Psalms 90:14 “Satisfy me in the morning with Your unfailing love, so I will sing with joy the rest of my life.”

I will be satisfied. I WILL. God has given me the best husband and the best kids, and I will always be satisfied with that. My joy, my contentment, my satisfaction is NOT found in a vacation to Florida. It is found in my Savior, and concentrating on that, how can I whine about anything else? My kids are healthy, Mike and I both have jobs, and we are doing alright.

And who knows, God may decide to send us somewhere better than Florida! LOL Here am I, Lord, send me….