It’s been a BUSY week!

Sgt Pepper, has had to find some creative places to hide from all these kids! He is my shadow, so he goes wherever I go, but being supremely busy all the time, I cannot tote him around…. no matter how much I’d like to. Gosh….these kids act like I should WORK or something! Man, do they HAVE to eat 3 times a day? Breakfast and dinner will suffice won’t it? I don’t REALLY need to teach them ALL day do I? I’m thinking 30 min a day will be just fine….right? And my 11 hour days have turned into 11 and HALF for the next 6 weeks. And yesterday? It turned into a 14 hour day. I don’t like those days, but I did get paid a good deal….

So, if I’m in the kitchen, he hides in the cabinets he can get into. If I’m in the office, he hides under the desk at my feet. If I’m sewing, he hides under the table next to me. And of course, I moved a little Dora chair under there so he won’t be cold on the tile.

Yes, I’m aware he is a dog.

And Brooklyn thinks he is hers….

She climbed into his carrier with him…

B in P's carrier

And she read to him from her Bible…wrapped up in a towel as her blanket.

Reading reading 2

Brooklyn & Pepper at the pumpkin patch

The poor thing….I’m sure he’s wondering when he’s going to wake up from this nightmare he’s in….

But the weekend is full of football games and birthday parties….church activities….and hopefully a chance to do more pictures. And sleep. Mostly sleep. Sleeping’s my favorite…

So here’s hoping you find a little bit of peace and laughter in your weekend!