I am SCARED and EXCITED all at the same time! But I have a SWEET friend who is doing an OFFICIAL website for my photography “business”! And I use quotations, because I am NOT professional yet! I am still very much learning and practicing and portfolio building and no where NEAR the quality that my mentors are….but it’s a STEP in the process!

This is one of my HUGE loves and I very much want to make money doing this, even part time, but it’s a BIG step and I am constantly second-guessing myself. Did I get the composition right? Is the exposure right? Are there any color casts? Is it crisp and clear? Will a client like it? Would someone pay MONEY for this? Can I succeed? It’s just a scary scary thing for me to do. It’s really putting a big part of myself out there, and I’m really insecure….REALLY insecure….

But, VERY very soon, I will be an OFFICIAL DOT.COM!! WOOHOOOO!! My NAME as a real dot.com! WOW….that is huge…..and so scary…..

Lord, my God, Creator of everything in this world, I am humbled before You. You, who made it all, and I come asking You for assurance….guidance…..wisdom. I’m scared of doing the wrong thing. Give me peace. Let me know if I am on the right path. Kick me off if I’m not. But please don’t break my camera….I so like it. I still only want to give YOU the glory in everything I do. Just help me keep me on track. In Jesus name….