Not Me Monday


This is my very first NOT ME MONDAY…but I live in the fantasy world of my own making, so it shouldn’t be too hard to do this….

–I certainly DID NOT accidently leave Brooklyn in PetsMart while we walked with the new puppy sporting a new haircut out into the parking. (In my defense, if there IS one possible, Mike was SUPPOSED to be watching her, and we DID have 3 very capable boys there to watch her too…so it wasn’t ALL my fault…and we DIDN’T get far before she ran screaming out to us with all of PetsMart’s employees and patrons watching us horrified from inside….)

–And I most certainly did NOT cry in the car on the way home because we forgot her…..

–I did NOT perpetuate the lie to my children that I am only 28 years old. And I DID NOT try to justify my actions when my 13 yr old did the math PROVING my true age….But it IS honestly easier to just keep the SAME age every year instead of constantly CHANGING that…who was the mope that thought of THAT….chhhaa…gee….come on, now….must I do everything?

–I did not shout GOOD GRAVY AND BUTTERNUT at my computer when a website would not fully load….

–I KNOW I didn’t scream in aggravation when my dumb playlist I worked SO HARD on wouldn’t load right on my blog….

–And I’m most certainly NOT looking at a total career change now that I’ve finally doing my classes I was supposed to do to get a 10 cent raise in the career I’m doing now, that am just SO tired of….

–I am NOT scared to death to do it either…nope….NUH UHHHH…not a bit afraid….not shaking in my boots at all…..not even a little quiver…..

–And I am not at this particular second singing at the top of my lungs at my wonderful playlist that I canNOT get to load on my blog….

So there ya go….my complete and utter confessions of a delusional woman….