Not me Monday


Oh, it does a body good to be brutally honest about the way we really live. I mean, brutally honest hidden behind a not me shroud.

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I am NOT doing another NOT ME Monday because I realized I did my other one on Sunday.

I do NOT still feel HORRID that I left Brooklyn in PetsMart while I was standing out front.

I did NOT have a discussion with my Youth girls in Sunday School about God’s nose….He has one ya know….a working nose….

I did NOT take my dog with me all over the place this past week….not to Target, not to WalMart, not to Kum and Go every morning to get a Pepsi….that would be weird.  And it IS a dog…

I did NOT put a pirate hat on him either.  That would be wrong….

I do NOT rush home from church every Wednesday night to watch Ghosthunters.  And I most certainly do NOT rush my son out of the Youth dept, interrupting his game with his friends just so I can watch it.   And I am NOT then too scared to sleep after watching it.  Or too afraid to turn off the lights downstairs to go to bed, so I rush up the stairs first to make Mike do it….that would be wrong.  And really pretty sad…

And I do NOT blame it on putting Chandler to bed on time.

I did NOT wet Brooklyn’s hair Sunday morning before church with conditioning spray so she smelled like she had had a bath….because she fell asleep early the night before and I was NOT going to wake her up to give her one!  Oh no, there’s just no joking about that.  You don’t wake babies up to give a bath…you just don’t…

And I did NOT just call my almost 3 year old beautiful darling daughter….a baby.  Because that would be lying to myself that she is growing up.  And that doesn’t make me cry still….it doesn’t…..don’t worry about me……I’ll be alright….sniff sniff….

And I DID not post a picture of my beautiful darling daughter on my blog with a DIRTY FACE!  OMG that just simply would NOT happen.  Even if the photo WAS taken in haste and totally hilarious, it wouldn’t be right to put it up there.  And I’m NOT shuddering at the thought I DIDN’T DO THAT! :0O

And I am TOTALLY NOT JEALOUS at ALL at EVERYONE ELSE’S cute, adorable blogs and I am stuck with a PLAIN JANE one because I cannot figure out how to do them!  That would be shallow….and even shallower to be consider MOVING my entire blog just so I CAN have a totally cute one…That would be dumb….

OK, that’s all…..I’m done….no more….I promise…..I think I got it all out….