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I have to admit, I am pretty floored by a lot of people. 

How hard is it to be KIND to someone?  Is it really that difficult to close your mouth, bite your tongue, or sit on your hands to keep from saying/doing/typing something RUDE to someone?  I’m constantly aghast at people and what they deem appropriate to do to other people.

Working with teenagers every Sunday and Wednesday, I am pretty spoiled by our Youth group.  They are kind, funny, and really Godly young men and women!  And then I visit the local gas station or movie theater and I’m bombarded by the rudest children ever known to mankind! 

They have NO fear!  Where does this come from?  Teaching kids to question authority?  Giving them too many freedoms?  Does letting children stand up for themselves or defend themselves cause this?  Lack of parental supervision growing up?  Honestly!  When have children lost respect for adults? 

And, not to let adults get away with it either, when have we lost our compassion and empathy for OTHER people?  I know the economy is rotten, but when have we stopped thinking of other people, but really sacrificed of OURSELVES to help someone else out?  Given when it hurt…when we didn’t want to… 

I am NOT rich! Far from it, and I worry about money all the time, but the Christ in me has shown me, and allowed me to give in those times I didn’t want to, it hurt to do it.  And honestly, I LOVE doing it!  I guess that’s not selfless giving if I’m getting such joy out of it….a certain Friends episode comes to mind….

But I LOVE doing it, and I LOVE seeing it done. I saw this on Heidi’s blog, and I wasn’t going to go this direction, but I think it’s important that we understand the IMPORTANCE of showing kindness to people!

So today, I am giving away free prints. I am printing off 8x10s for my Mom and 5x7s for my sister of photos I have taken of their kids. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. But, I am one that gives as often as God tells me to….: I think the hardest was Brooklyn’s clothes. But out of that came the SWEETEST lady from All things Ribbon that I did NOT even know, but was moved to give some of the prettiest hairbows I’ve ever seen to the same family because of that blog. That’s God working at His FINEST!

So what can YOU do for someone else today?

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