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I just GOTTA share this!

OK, I’ve mentioned quite a few times about my roof…in fact, in just the one the other day on HUMOR. Our roof was damaged in a storm over the summer and lovely insurance people, didn’t cover it. So in 2 different places, it was BAD, and whenever it rained (which I PERSONALLY love rainy days!) it would leak into the house. We had several leaks all over the house, and it has been a constant source of worry and stress for me because there is NO WAY $4,000 is gonna EVER be available to us….like EVER, so a new roof is COMPLETELY out of the question.

Well today….2 little angels came knocking on my door about a new roof. Thank you, YES, I’d LOVE a new roof, sadly, you’d want money for it. So he mentioned he did free estimates for just REPAIRING all the little places we needed repair done….so with fear and trepidation, I sent him up the ladder knowing we still couldn’t afford it….

He comes down and announces he can fix it for…ohhh…. $160. Huh? What? Are you SERIOUS?? HOT SKIPPY, GET YOURSELF ON UP THAT LADDER!! I’ll toss you a nice Dr Pepper while you’re up there…. In fact, I told him I was unable to get him the money until 5 because I had all the babies, and he said that would be alright. So he came DID the work, and then waited for me to call him so I could get him his money! It required trust on both of our parts.

My ONLY regret….and I feel TOTALLY stupid about this NOW, I was supposed to invite him to church, and I didn’t til it was too late. And yes, I know I was SUPPOSED to do it. I will call him. I will do that. And I’ll give his card to the Spanish mission church that the Youth share a building with at church…

AND, I got my car fixed. $1600 total bill….HOWEVER, because of our warranty that Mike insisted we get (even though I was totally a horrid wife and told him it was a WASTE of money…cough cough…yes, I’ve gone back, apologized, and told him he is the MAN.), OUR total bill was only $240. THANK YOU LORD!!!! And thank You for Mike, who is decidedly smarter than I….


I go home and check my mail and there on the porch is a white box addressed to Egg #3! We open the box together, and there inside was a GORGEOUS tiny tea set! Her very first one.

OK….pause so I can wipe my eyes….yes I cried over the tea set….yes I’m crying again over the tea set….hang on……..

Maybe I’ll blog about my story of Egg #3….but until then, let me just say, she is the daughter I never knew I’d have, but forever prayed for. And she is the one that God saved her life…not ONCE…but twice before she was even a year old.

So……I relish and CHERISH all of those first things for her. UGH…hang on….vision is blurry again….may or may not be because I’m crying again over that tea set….

I just need to say thank you to that dear dear friend for Brooklyn’s FIRST EVER tea set. We’ve never met in person, but I feel like I know you anyway…..

OK, seriously I gotta stop….it’s gettin’ ugly in here….let me leave you with a photo of Egg #3 I took just this morning on the front step….

My little gift from God.