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I must confess….I hate halloween. Honestly, detest it. A celebration of scaring the snot out of small children, glorified begging, and our worst nightmares…

The candy’s pretty nice though…

And the costumes can be REALLY fun….not the scary ones though…just the pretty, unicorns and rainbows, type of costumes. Ya know, the ones my boys never wanted to wear? LOL They had to be SUPER HEROES….capes and muscles and BOY stuff…but now I have Egg #3…let the celebration of unicorns and rainbows begin!

And growing up, I remember trick-or-treating in Ohio….my brother crying with green-tinted Noxema on his face and hands to make his skin green…OMG I seriously laugh hysterically at the thought of that now….I couldn’t tell you what I ever dressed up as, I only remember my brother was The Hulk, and he screamed as his face burned with Noxema…his skin is great to this day! BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!

Oh my….I digress…

But growing up, we kind of had that hodge-podge of experiences: trick-or-treating, church fall festivals, and hiding in the back room with ungodly amounts of candy to gorge ourselves on and hide from the scary world. I remember one year, as we ‘hid’ in the back room and watched movies, ate popcorn, and ate ourselves SICK from the candy, being AFRAID of the trick-or-treaters. I was scared of the very NIGHT itself out there…stalking us…trying to get in. Everything about that night was terrifying…that’s when the ghosts and goblins roamed the night….

I had a very big imagination…

Anyway….it’s always that great debate for Christians on what to do for that “evil night”. Do we hide ourselves away from the scary outside world? How do we be IN the world but not OF the world? If you dress up on halloween, will you go to hell? Chocolate is less fattening on that night though, right? RIGHT??

I don’t propose to hide away. We don’t usually anyway. Only one year we did when the boys were younger, and Egg #3 had not been even THOUGHT of, and Mike was on a mission trip to China. I just didn’t have the energy or the want-to, to go to church and struggle through the crowds. So we watched movies and ate-ourselves-silly on the candy not normally allowed to be consumed. And I prayed for Mike to hurry home to me….and bring me that Chinese baby girl I’ve prayed for….

Instead, what if Christians actually went out and USED this opportunity to REACH the world? Who says you have to hide? Let’s embrace this opportunity to do something GOOD and GODLY. Our church has the fall festival and it’s always WAY crowded…which is a GOOD thing, unless you want the massive amounts of candy, then forget it because you won’t get it. But what you WILL have is a gymnasium FULL of people….and the opportunity to give them something that won’t make them gain 10 lbs in a week or make them wet themselves in fright.

Let me give you a couple of other options perhaps:

~Handing out tracts at home is always a good choice, but please make sure you attach some GOOD candy to it as well. No one REALLY likes all those tootsie rolls, rock-hard taffy, and unidentifiable break-your-teeth peanut butter things. But you’ve given them something to satisfy their sweet tooth, and something to share Christ with them. Make the tracts children appropriate as well. Children don’t need to see the scary images of cracked out people in dirty alleys (Yes, I’ve seen those…they are in cartoon form, but still not appropriate for children.) or people burning alive in the fires of hell. I’m sure they may make a difference in someone’s life, but not children.

~as your child goes house to house picking up candy, why not have your child hand them something in return! I’m personally a fan of the Million dollar bill tracts and our church does the shiny coins as well that have a message of Christ on them. Kids get the candy, adults get the Message. Also teaches children to share Christ. Very important lesson for children to have. Just because they are children, does NOT mean they cannot/shouldn’t share Christ with people.

And no, you won’t go to hell for letting your child dress up. You won’t go to hell for being out that night. And the church-police are not going to snatch you in your sleep if you pass out candy. But don’t be AFRAID to embrace this evil night! I don’t particularly care for it myself, and I do think everything is just a little spookier on Halloween, but I want to take EVERY opportunity given to me to share Christ with other people. It’s vital. And what better night than one that so many people are out and about anyway!

Give GOD the glory in all things. Glorify God in all we say and do, and take every opportunity to share Him with as many as we can. You can never go wrong with that.

And my sweet Egg #3 that I FINALLY get to dress up in the cutesy, froo-froo costumes…

And for the record, she is NOT a depressed child. She is a very happy child! But, for pictures, either I get the absence of all expression, or I get the over-the-top-cheese-face expression with scrunched up face and no eyeballs or her tongue sticking out. And yes, I still take those photos for myself, but for the purpose of portraiture, I use the non-smiling photos. Clear as mud?