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Well…it appears I am the featured blogger at Laced with Grace! WOOHOOOO!! OK, it may not be a big deal to other people, but it’s a stinkin’ HUGE deal to me! YEHAWWW!

::::cough cough:::: OK, now to compose myself as a lady again…..

Anyway, I’m excited and honored, and since I can’t just sit right down and WRITE a post right now, I’d like to leave some links to some posts that are dear to my heart. Some of them have some messages that are powerful, like God Himself reached over and whispered the words in my ear. Well…..He did. Now ya know…I don’t really write some of them. :o) I’m a big faker. LOL

Anway…..click the links here, and then rush over to Laced with Grace and check out some more amazing ladies!

Trusting God

Sins of the mother

What defines me


Parenting is not easy