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Another addition of personal confession set to the ever effective:  NOT ME! 

I MOST certainly did NOT tell the person behind me the costume the young lady in our Youth dept was holding up was the “slutty feather duster from Beauty and the Beast”.  Only to turn around and realize it was the PASTOR I was inadvertantly speaking to, and his DAUGHTER the one wearing it…..open mouth; insert shoe store.  In her defense, she was the LEAST “slutty feather duster from Beauty and the Beast” EVER!   She was BEAUTIFUL!  And VERY modest!  (we taught her well)

It was NOT me who told the cashier I thought the Stouffer’s lasagna’s were on sale, when I really DIDN’T know…I was only hoping…and she gave me the sale price anyway.  I was very sweet to her.  Made her laugh quite a few times in fact….see what KINDNESS does for you?

It was NOT ME who freaked out when my little Pepcid suddenly started running around yelping around the house.  (Pepper the dog….we call him any number of things….Pepcid being one of them)

And it was NOT ME who wanted to call all the parents to come get their kids so I can take said yelping dog to the Vet.  He’s fine by the way.  His dog food was too big for his mouth.  LOL  I’ve remedied the problem.

I did NOT make Austin clean up his own barf mess in the bathroom.  That would be really mean of a Mom to do. 

It was NOT ME who stood in Toys R Us in the little girls dress up department and cried over all the girlie stuff I still can’t believe I get to buy.  Oh the PINKS and the SPARKLIES….I was in Heaven….oh but I DIDN’T cry….

And it was NOT ME who CRIED over Brooklyn’s FIRST EVER tea party! That would be DUMB to cry over….And I was not SO HAPPY when she asked to put on her Arial dress up costume…

I DID NOT sneak out to Olive Garden with a friend after we went Christmas shopping and then when Mike asked what was for dinner…I DID NOT tell him, “Well, whatever you can find, I’m not that hungry.”  (Again, in my defense, I do not EVER EVER get out of the house to go and DO anything!  And OLIVE GARDEN?  Haven’t been there since Chandler was a BABY….and he’s 10….)

And it most certainly was NOT me who laughed HYSTERICALLY when Brooklyn informed me that “Pepper is humping the bear…..” in the sweetest, most INNOCENT 2 year old voice.  And the boys are NEVER EVER allowed to talk in front of her again.  Ever.  NEVER EVER.

It was NOT ME who blatantly walked past several “No Trespassing” signs to take photos in the little wooded area with the GORGEOUS fall trees!  I did NOT read them and look around to see if anyone was going to stop, and I did NOT just walk in anyway….

And I did NOT take Brooklyn in with me….

 Brooklyn's trespassing

And I am NOT THE ONE writing down my NOT ME’s during the week, so I do not forget them.  I would NEVER do that.  That would be WEIRD. 

But I AM the one that prayed for MckMama like mad this week before she gave birth even though I do not know her….but may stalk her blog obsessively.   And I do most honestly thank God for the miracle of her newborn son.  Check out her blog for other Not Me’s, and read her story, it’s simply AMAZING!