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Do you ever have that OVERWHELMED feeling? Job’s too much…bills weighing you down? Kids are crazy, boss is nuts, friends gone insane? Oh come on…I KNOW ya’ll know what I’m talking about! I surely cannot be the only one…. πŸ˜‰

I know I get that way, more times than I like. Most of the time it’s my work hours. I work 11 and half hours a DAY, 5 days a week. And that does not include photography on the side, or all the sewing on the side. So job, right there, can be overwhelming. And let’s not add in the classes I’m taking, that I’m behind in, and can’t afford to pay the tuition…let’s not go there…we’ll just side-step that little smelly pile on the floor and not think about it….

And sometimes, like the holidays, it feels like I’m drowning. Drowning in responsibility. Drowning in chaos. Drowning in KIDS. Drowning in TOO MUCH on my plate. Drowning in CRAZINESS!

I know the storms come for everybody. I know I’m not the only one. Some of them are storms of our OWN making (things we’ve done that are now coming back to haunt us. Things we SHOULD have done, that we failed to do or just flat didn’t want to.) and some are storms that are of no known cause. They just come.

Safe bet is, you’re either IN one, recovering from one, or have one headed your way. Hopefully not all at the same time. But I’ve done that too. Not fun. But I lived to tell about it. πŸ˜‰

We studied Noah this week in Sunday School. I think of myself as an obedient servant of God, faithful in all I do. And then there’s the reality of….well…..some days NOT so much. Some days I want to look at God, and ask Him if He’s crazy. “A boat? HERE? Lord, do You SEE how much I have going on right now?” Like with the mission trips….I’d LOVE to say, I heard Him call me and I was ecstatic and jumped for joy and all was GREAT! But the REALITY of it is, uhhh….well….I ignored Him. Kinda like….for 2 years. EEK! I don’t really promote that method of thinking….I thought He had gone crazy and having a little joke-on-Dana laugh. Not proud of it…but I’m honest at least!

I look at my kids and my job and my bank account…heh…..yeah…that right there makes me LAUGH at the idea of doing Missions! LOL So I have to say, in that respect….I’m no Noah. I doubted. Good thing God did not ask ME to build the ark. Sorry, but we’d all be dead now. I have however, changed that way of thinking. I’m on board now. Pun intended. πŸ˜‰

Something I find VERY interesting and shared with my girls on Sunday: GOD shut the door.

It was significant to ME because I’m one that thinks I have to be responsible for everyone. I am one that wants to fix everything and make every ones problems go away for them. I want to help EVERYONE. Gets me in trouble LOTS of times….

But to ME, it was significant because God was a gentleman. He took the responsibility off of Noah’s shoulders to SAVE the world. The thought could not have even entered his head if the door is ALREADY shut. I’d be lettin’ on my neighbors, and the babies, and the kids, and the old people….etc etc etc which totally kind of defeats the purpose of destroying the world….

Then the Lord shut him in. Gen. 7:16b

I have a sweet friend whose mother had been ill for a long while. The doctors finally told her that it was time to make a decision about stopping her mom’s care. NOT a good place to be in. We prayed for her and her mother and she decided to wait and see. Days later, her mom died peacefully on her own. God took that responsibility out of her hands. He is a Gentleman and looked out for her heart.

I cannot be responsible for the world. I cannot MAKE them accept Christ. I cannot MAKE them do the right thing. I can be obedient and do what the Lord tells me to do, but when the time comes, He will shut the door.

We all have our storms. We all can make the decision to ride it out on top safely with Christ, or flounder around in the water alone. And I’ll sadly admit, sometimes I’m a rider, sometimes I’m a flounder-er. Floundering is not fun. It’s hard and serves no purpose.

Β I encouraged my girls Sunday to get on the boat. Don’t do it alone. Open that Bible, get IN it, and stay there.

It’s an act of obedience.