Another week of airing my dirty laundry for all to see and laugh at…..hopefully not to hold against me…that would be NOT fun.  It’s time to enter the confessional that is MY DAILY LIFE:

I did NOT almost decide to not do this at all today because the previous 2 posts are just so incredibly MOVING and I got to experience God move personally in my own life and I thought that was so much better for someone to READ than all the dumb crap that I do and say.  So if you will, JUST to make me feel better, go read at least the following post.  It would mean a lot…I’d at least feel better about myself….

I did NOT hide during the election coverage so I wouldn’t have to listen to Mike ranting in the living room.   He was NOT a happy camper and I was NOT avoiding him. 😉

I did NOT force the boys out of my hiding spot because I was afraid Dad would find us and start to lecture us on the importance of electing competent people and the reason why we study the candidates and not just elect someone because he’s cool….(just because I was hiding, does not mean I still couldn’t HEAR him….oh my, I’m SO GLAD this is done.  I’m shocked he hasn’t started digging holes in the backyard already…have some FAITH wouldja?)

I did NOT threaten to send my rowdy boys out into the garage area of the automotive department if the man did not hurry and start on my car.  I knew THAT would light a fire under someone’s butt for SURE!  But I would NEVER use my children’s bad behavior in a store as leverage for quicker service….NOT ME

I would NEVER accuse the Automotive dept of Walmart of FORGETTING me for an hour and a half before they even STARTED on my car….and I would NEVER threaten them with my children…..but if I DID, it may have worked. 😉

And I did NOT sneak into the smores while all the Youth were on their hay ride!  I would NEVER do that!  I was getting AHEAD and doing some so there would be some READY for when they came back….I don’t know WHAT happened to some of them…maybe it was the DOG….

And I most definitely was NOT caught red-handed with a freshly, perfectly toasted marshmellow in my MOUTH by our wonderful Youth leader….who left for Cambodia today.  Please pray for him.  Check out his page on the left over there….The Aquila Project.  Really cool guy….

Head on over to http://www.mycharmingkids.net/ just in case she really DID do the Not me Monday.  And read the previous blog so I won’t feel all guilty for doing such a silly thing TODAY, when there is a post previous that could touch some hearts…