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I love my country.

We are spoiled and we are priviledged to say the least. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

We have freedoms most people do not have. We can pretty much do and say almost whatever we want to and we are covered in a billion rights. Even if we harm another person, we have another set of rights that slam down over us.

We are entitled to them.

We would not be who we are today if it weren’t for some very important people, and I’m NOT talking about our Presidents or Congressman or Senators or any other list of pompous uppity ups.

I’m referring to our men and women, who through the years, have defended our freedoms and helped to uphold those rights we take for granted. We would not be what we are TODAY, without them. This is so we will remember.

I love my Grandad. He’s just one of those men that you can’t help but love. He’s intelligent, loving, funny, and a joy to be with. He’s one of those men that left his home at a young age, and went to fight for our freedoms. My Grandad fought in WWII and saw things he will never forget. He saw horrors that we could never in a million nightmares imagine. He was one that helped to free imprisoned Jews from concentration camps. Horrors that now, people claim never happened. I’d love to have one those doubters sit down with my Grandad and discuss whether or not the Holocaust took place. 😉 He is not one to put up with nonsense.

Photo use courtesy of my sweet cousin, Ashley.

Photo use courtesy of my sweet cousin, Ashley.

I think of my Dad. As a little girl I just KNEW my Dad knew EVERYTHING! I don’t care what I asked him, he always had the answer. It wasn’t until I was an adult, that I figured out what he didn’t know, he made up. 😉 Oh yes, I have employed this method a time or two with my own kids. LOL My Dad will help anyone. He’s mowed lawns, raked leaves, shoveled driveways and sidewalks for all of his elderly neighbors. I’m wondering when he is going to realize it’s time for someone to do this for HIM now.

My Dad was in the Vietnam war. I hate to think of how many thousands of people died in that war in such horrible ways and surviving soldiers return home to their country to be mocked and spit on and screamed at. Inexcusable. I love my Dad and I hope he was honored in some way when he came home, rather than coming home to a mess of rude and disrespectful people. I am PROUD of him. I’m PROUD of what he did.

My Dad

My Dad

It doesn’t really matter what we think of war, it only matters that we support the ones fighting in it. They didn’t put themselves there. It was not their decision to go. It was their decision to defend a nation, defend our people.

Even today, just from our own little Youth dept at church, we have several that have joined the military. It scares me to think of any of them going to Iraq and fighting or worse. I would be heartbroken to see them go to War, but it isn’t my place to judge whether or not we are there, it is my place to support them and let them know they are LOVED and so appreciated.

I want to THANK all of the soldiers, past and present, who work hard to defend a nation. I hope it would be a nation of grateful people as well, but our past doesn’t seem to show that. We give them horrid healthcare and we treat them with disrespect when they come home. And I know, for most of us, that isn’t the case, but it’s time we STAND up for ourselves and stand up for men and women who need to be supported, doggonit. Don’t question whether or not we should be there with anyone else but our government. Our soldiers just signed up for the job, it’s not their say where they go or what they do.

Know a soldier? Tell them THANK YOU today! Pat them on the back, make them a plate of yummy gooey cookies (OK that might just be my craving right now, but it sounds SO good…), let them KNOW that you appreciate them.

We need to honor those that give us the RIGHTS we have. And TODAY, I’m standing up and I’m saying THANK YOU! I appreciate what you’ve DONE and what you’re DOING. I HONOR and RESPECT your hard work and your sacrifice. THANK YOU.

And yet, it seems so inadequate. But I am grateful. Happy Veterans Day.