Oh this week has NOT been fun. Oh did YOU notice the calendar too? Yes, it’s ONLY Wednesday.

If you haven’t guessed, this will not be my normal HAPPY day post. I do hope to find some joy in it somewhere though. I don’t promise a thing.

Obviously, it started on Sunday being stuck on the side of the road, then ending with the breaking of my camera lens. :S

Well, Egg #3 is sick. Again. She’s run 102 fever all day yesterday and into today, but I was able to get some liquid ibuprofen to help her (buy one get one FREE at Walgreens! WOOHOO!). But she is sick and whiny ALL.THE.TIME. Nonstop Whine-fest at Dana’s house! COME ON LET’S PARTY! :l UGH.

I’ve been sick since Friday, and no, no I do NOT have any kind of sick days I can take, thanks for asking though. No, I have to carry on like nothing is wrong. My day still starts at 5:45 where I barely have time to get dressed and get the dog out to potty before she is pulling up at 5:50. No, that’s right….I don’t open til 6. I am aware. And it doesn’t end until 5 pm HOPEFULLY. And then JOY OF JOYS just because I can’t seem to get ENOUGH work, I was asked to start working on SATURDAYS now too! YEHAWWWWWW! BRING IT SISTA! I have no greater joy then to do this ALL the time! I in NO way have any kind of life. At all. Seriously. Luckily, the doll baby is pretty good and she’s cuter than pie too which helps. Nothing like giving up your Saturdays for an UGLY baby. (I feel a Seinfeld episode coming on…”JERRYYYYYYY! HOLD the BAAA-BAAY”) No judgements please, I’m not quite done yet. It may get worse.

I do want to interject a little something…I am THANKFUL for the extra money. It is sorely needed. I’ve cut back as much as I can cut back….if these kids would just stop EATING, I’d be RICH! 😉 Oh I’m teasin’. Sorta.

Because I’m SICK, it has caused a nice little absess in my tooth too. I have teeth issues. I am well aware, but I cannot fix them. I can brush twice a day, rinse with Listerine and floss when I think about it, but I cannot FIX the problems. I would need…oh wait…what was the last estimate? $6,000? Oh gosh…let me just go to the wall safe and shave off some from the gold bars there and just GET IT DONE! And this tooth that has the absess is one of those teeth I cannot fix. I had a root canal years ago, a crown put on (a nice EXPENSIVE one) and when the dumb dentist put it IN, she cracked the root. I TOLD her it was wiggly when I was leaving….she just said it’s because it’s new. I even told the NEXT day it was wiggly….do ya think it did any good? No, me either. So this crown would have to be pulled along with the nice steel post holding it in, and then the roots pulled out. Sweet day for some drugs huh? And THEN, I would have to pay for a replacement tooth to be put back in. That is ALL to the tune of $3K. I would rather have them pull the whole works and just give me pretty dentures. Implanted dentures even! Wouldn’t THAT be sweet??

When I was a little girl, probably 4th or 5th grade, I used to go to bed at night and PRAY until I fell asleep that I would wake up in the morning and my teeth would be straight. I did this EVERY night. And every morning, I would wake up in the morning and RUN to the bathroom to see if God did it while I was asleep. And for whatever reason, God did not. And that’s alright. I am not angry with God or anything, but because God didn’t do it, the overcrowding made it terribly difficult to properly clean the teeth affectively. Flossing is a SERIOUS nightmare.

Gosh, I’m going way off here….so add to my sick and sore throat, an absessed tooth. Fun.

I’m behind in my classes too. And can’t seem to find the time to get caught up.

Oh and I am hostessing a table at our Ladies Tea at church Saturday too and haven’t a CLUE what to make for it. Although, that french toast recipe from City mom/country mom’s blog looks like HEAVEN. I may have to make that…. I’m just NOT the “Ladies Tea” type of lady. My hair is not blue for one and I do not even own a dress anymore. I work with YOUTH, I don’t dress up. And the whole froo-froo thing, sounds NICE, *I* don’t want to have to clean UP after it! BAHAHAHA! So yes, I’ll be the ghetto table with pretty paper plates and cups.

I.AM.TIRED. I do not plan on washing dishes. I do, however, plan to have a REALLY good time though with the ladies at my table. I plan to make a raucous from the laughter going on. I may even snort a time or two…hoot ‘n holler a little….I don’t get out by myself very often at all. So I plan on having a GOOD time. My table may NOT be the prettiest, but I’m not going for pretty. I’m going for fun. Shake those ol’ ladies up a little bit….maybe streak my hair with hot pink before I go. BAHAHAHAHA! OK, maybe not, but I WOULD if I had the money.

So in all this horrid, no good, very bad week, I will say:

My amazingly wonderful and handsome husband made DINNER Sunday for me. AND, it was hot and ready to eat the second I walked into the door.

Even though I’ve been sick and maybe just a little grumpy 😉 he still makes me laugh.

He’s been such a help with the kids.

And, he just wrote the SWEETEST blog . And as yucky as I felt last night, we sat down together to edit a picture for his header. I still think his eyes are freaky looking, but that’s what he was going for…freaky. LOL Anyway, check it out. He’s a honey and he’s really intelligent too! And most important, he loves the Lord. A lot.

OK, so maybe I’ve blogged my grumpies away. I just needed that little extra helping of mercy today to make it through. I’m just a LITTLE overwhelmed right now. And my very patient friend, Hannah is helping me with my table, AND we are going to sneak away ALONE to the grocery store tonight so I can get stuff for the tea. OH YAY! That helps.

Well….I was gonna add a video of Jeff Dunham and Walter…but, well, I was afraid to. HAAA! I’m in a better mood though. So there ya go.