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Oh yes…it’s MONDAY! Time for ultimate confessions shrouded in innocent NOT MEs! Because everyone KNOWS I’m totally innocent….

I did not tell the Youth dept, the one in which I have worked for years, that they all SUCKED because no one reads my blog. And especially not in front of my PASTOR! EEK!

I did NOT almost have a complete and utter meltdown when I knew I’d have to teach Sodom and Gomorrah ALONE to the Youth girls! I did NOT end up blogging the whole lesson after a BIG heart to heart with God over it. πŸ˜‰ And it turned out RIGHT NICE if I do say so! LOL God reminded me, it isn’t all about the ugly…..

And I was NOT completely mortified to realize our Youth minister read my blog….yes, even the part where I said something about putting our big girl panties on…. where’s that blushing smilie when I need it?

I did NOT allow Egg #3 to play in the leaves during a photo shoot with a friend….and then stop taking pictures for the photo shoot to take photos of my daughter instead…..and it was NOT her first time to play in a pile of leaves! What kind of controlling mother do you think I am?? cough cough…..I’m getting better….she can get dirty….and the world will not end….really…she can…I’ll be alright….



I did NOT go on a girls night out…my first one in….gosh….HOW LONG?? But I did NOT make the off-hand comment to my dear sweet church friends that “it’s all fun and games til someone gets crabs….” and then realized what I said and was MORTIFIED. And the above ladies did NOT practically wet themselves over it and laugh hysterically the rest of the night….I DO have a filter between my brain and my mouth…I really do….it’s THERE….I think it’s broken or something though….I need to get that looked at…..ahem…I hope this is not one of the blogs my youth minister reads….maybe we’ll hide this one….

And I did NOT practically PLEAD with a lady at church to let me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take her picture because she just has this FACE…..oh yes….I’m quite sure she thinks I’m insane. I’m OK with that. BAHAHAHA!!


And I did NOT just eat a doughnut hole because it was from Krispy Kreme and I don’t EVER EVER get Krispy Kreme and I TOTALLY HEART KRISPY KREME….because OMG I JUST worked out! That would TOTALLY defeat the purpose of all that hard work I did this morning. I’m growing a third butt….

I did not just say I’m growing a third butt….

Apparently the filter from my brain to my fingers doesn’t work either….

I need sleep.

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