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I just know with the holidays, comes……more chaos. So, while I have a second of relative peace and quiet, I thought I’d sit and write my blessings.

I had my list all made, and I was going to do the list this morning after I leisurely slept in til 8, but my morning was very RUDELY interrupted and it’s simply just BUGGED me. And I am a big girl, so I’m going to write about it instead of hunt some childish girls down and pound them in the face. 😉 Or, as my dear, charming, sweet husband has taught me…..rip some ears off. 🙂 Gosh I love that man of mine….teaches me such lady-like stuff….like how to take care of myself. ahem…

Anyway, Mike got up this morning, and was so sweetly quiet to not wake me up on my day to sleep in a little bit before all the kids came, but then, the light came on…and that heavy sigh of breath being exhaled angrily…..and thus the day began.

Some lovely ladies decided it would be a very nice thing to shoe polish and shaving cream Mike’s truck. However, the things they chose to write all over his truck was both sickening and appalling. I was simply mortified to see the things written all over this truck, and in case we didn’t understand what they meant, they were so kind to draw us pictures. So, Mike, not wanting that left for all of our neighbors to see….or the parents of the kids I nanny….he tries to get it off as quickly as possible, however, it is not something that just comes off with the spraying of a hose. It must be scrubbed. So I don my clothes and go out with a scrub brush and soap and water to scrub it off the best I can.

It just simply makes me angry. We are good, kind people who give til it hurts, do til it hurts, and we work our hineys off to do it. We are good parents and overall good people, and these young ladies have no idea who we are. And that makes me angry. I know it was random….if they SAW Mike or knew Mike, they would not have done it. 😉 He is somewhat intimidating. And he is a gun-carrier. Just those 2 things alone would have deterred them from their stupidity. I am most sure of that. LOL

So on a day of things I’m trying to get done for the holidays, and the worries and stress this time of year brings, I need to set stupidity aside and try to get back to the chaos stuff at hand. And I will end this day far differently than it began: I will go to church and have an amazing praise and prayer time led by our teenagers at church who are a far contrast from the lovely ladies we “met” last night. So in the end, God will be glorified. Again.


I am blessed with an amazing and wonderful husband who is an incredible man of God. He not only reads his Bible, but memorizes it and teaches it as well. God has given him a powerful testimony! I am blessed beyond words to have him. He is my partner-in-crime and my best friend. And he is quite nice eye candy too….he’s my handsome honey….

I am blessed with 2 wonderful boys I am proud of! They have kind hearts and great senses of humor! They make me laugh, and I ENJOY being with them!

I am blessed with my beautiful daughter whom I prayed long and hard for and God honored my prayers. She is a HOOT and while I praise God for her growth and development, I am also sad that she is my last baby. Unless God sends me that Chinese baby girl I want so badly…. 😉 Or Mexican….or caucasion….etc etc….

I am blessed to have a JOB! Most days I feel overwhelmed and more tired than I can ever express, but where else can you wear funny socks, pajama pants, and dance around your living room to the admiration of your entire audience? And I am hugged and kissed more than most! We won’t discuss what is on the hands or faces of the ones I am being mauled by….but the LOVE is there!

I am blessed with a growing talent for a hobby I LOVE! I am blessed to have a camera I can use in service to the Lord, and to one day use it even MORE! I would LOVE to document mission trips with this beautiful camera! I want to go places and see faces I’ve never seen before, and witness firsthand the power of GOD ALMIGHTY! That’s my DREAM! And for now, I learn all I can, and practice as much as possible…and sometimes, I am lucky blessed to make some much needed money on the side. That is a blessing!

I am blessed with an AMAZING CHURCH! I LOVE my church! In case I haven’t said it often enough already, I LOVE my church! My Pastor is INCREDIBLE that has shown our church family that a HEART for God is ACTIVE! He has taught things and led the way to not only TALKING about our Christ, but GOING and DOING what He tells us to! And Jeff our Youth minister has brought our teenagers to a whole new level of Christianity! He has shown them what a CLOSE relationship with God looks like and how to grow in your own! And both men have shown us that we are NOT perfect, and in our UN-perfect-ness (yes I made it up! LOL) we can better share Christ. And Lord knows how UNPERFECT I am! LOL But our church is sharing Christ with BOLDNESS now, and it’s a welcome change!

Gosh, this blog can go on and on…..I am BLESSED! God has blessed us. Some days are hard and it’s difficult to see them and recognize them for what they are, but we are blessed. I have a home. I have a car. I have food on my table. And I can freely love and SHARE and WORSHIP Christ. That is more than most of our planet has. I am excited to see where and what God is going to do next.

Thank you, dear Aunt Bo, for this…..

Today, I’m thankful

…Not because I have food, but because I understand hunger enough to offer food to those in need

…Not because I have a house, but because I can offer housing to the homeless through donations and charity.

…Not because my children turned out well, but because I have lived the turmoil of parental difficulties and understand the struggle of other parents.

…Not because we are fortunate to have savings, but because I have experienced being poor and still remember those times…and can act toward the poor with both charity and respect.

…Not because I have health, but because we now know how to face illness and can share our story with others; hopefully to give them strength.

…that because I’ve faced moments of great fear, I can share with others that there is refuge in faith and hope

…not just for knowing you, but because of your love and friendship I have learned how to be a better friend to others.

…Today, I’m thankful, not just because it is Thanksgiving, but because I have now learned to be thankful every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love,