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Dana is speechless. That does NOT happen everyday. Just ask my poor husband. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Obviously from the blog right before this one, I was a little unhappy with how my day began today. But I was determined to set it aside and let it go. Right after my blog writing this morning, I went out to the truck and took my trusty shoe polish and wrote this on the windshield:


Knowing how some “criminals” are, I figured they would come back to the scene of the crime to see their handiwork and the havoc it caused, ie: the clean up. And knowing that if they were up til the wee hours of the morning, they would not have been up and out at 7:20 in the morning to witness the cleaning up of their “artwork”. But they would be by….and I wanted them to see MY message.

They do not win. They do not get to have that laugh. They just don’t. In the end, God will always have the glory…..always.

Thus, my day carried on much like it always does.

Aren’t you impressed I just used thus? ๐Ÿ™‚

So after our morning Thanksgiving lesson and songs, lunch was made and doled out, diapers were dutifully changed and faces and hands washed. Naptime came and carried every one of them away to a nice quiet place where Dana loves them to be for 2 hours where I can sit and relax….I heart naptime….

I take the dog out after naptime and notice something is sitting on Mike’s truck. I called Egg #1 to run across the street to go get it, and he runs back informing me it had money in it! Money always excites Egg #1….but I didn’t believe him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He hands me the note and I open it to find this:


Dear Cool Truck Owner,

We are very sorry for tagging your truck in such a hateful way. It was very immature and juvenile. We hope there is no hard feelings.

(Here’s money for a car wash…and maybe a pop.)

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


I am speechless.ย  I am without speech.ย 

But…..I told you….in the end, God is ALWAYS glorified.ย 

And Mike has declared $5 of it to go in the offering plate tonight.ย  God will be glorified.

NOW…have a Happy Thanksgiving!