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So, I have this little theory as I have discovered this whole little WORLD that exists in Blog-ville.  Why do we blog?  Why do we think someone else out there wants to read what our life is about?  The ins and outs of changing diapers all day, or the funny thing that Egg #2 said, my opinions, or what stupid thing I’ve done or said…..why would anyone care about all of that?

1.)   I don’t know about anyone else, but I know, for MY life, I don’t go out much.  As I’m sure my failing social skills and lack of verbal filter has proven. 😉  During my day, to actually have ADULT conversation or ADULT stimulation is a TREAT.  Yes, that’s sad, I know, I’m aware.  LOL  So during naptime, while all the babies are asleep, I sneak on to find other adults that are going through the same things as me.  And I’m discovering, I’m not alone in my lack of social skills or verbal filter.  😉  LOL  Our days are filled with the running of a household, the caring for our children, jobs, and our own self is set on that back burner.  How many of us actually have a CHRISTMAS LIST for ourselves, and one NOT filled with things that we NEED like new socks, new pots and pans, or mine, NEW NIGHTGOWNS!  Must have nightgowns….and the chances that I’ll actually get them are very very slim.  Everything else takes top priority over ourselves.  So, as moms, our kids will get that ONE MORE toy they don’t really need, and we’ll make sure our husbands have at least one thing on their need list, and we’ll syphon money out of our grocery budget later in January to buy the new socks….or new nightgowns. 

We need this connection with other adults that are in the same situation as ourselves.

2.)  We want to be HEARD!  I find myself repeating the same things over and over again:  Austin do the dishes.  Austin do the dishes.  Austin do the dishes.  Chandler put your clothes away.  Chandler put your clothes away.  Chandler put your clothes away.   Brooklyn STOP THAT!   I said STOP!  STOP STOP STOP!!!   And I know I’ve made the mistake numerous times of “Football Talking”.  For those that don’t know, “Football Talking” is the art of carrying on a conversation while the spouse is watching football.  It is an entirely one-sided conversation with the occassional grunts from the other side.  The grunts are unintelligible and more often than not just noise that usually means “I’m not listening”.  This would be known as “Football Listening”.   Nothing short of an atomic bomb would actually drown out the voices of the announcers.  I wish I knew one……how funny would it be for one of the announcers to suddenly announce during his tirade of players “Mike, your wife is going to the store.  When you look up wanting food, she will be gone.  Don’t panic, she’ll be back in about half an hour.  Turn off the stove when the timer goes off.  And Terrel Owens scores again!”  🙂 

We need to know that what we have to say, someone is listening to, or reading, here in Blog-ville.  Even if it’s the dumb stuff.

3.)  We don’t want to be forgotten.  Most days, I feel totally unimportant.  I feel like the last one to eat, last one to get to play, and the last one to bed.  Sometimes I think that I am not actually visible at all.  Would they notice if I just didn’t get out of the bed?  And for something more than just “MOM!  I can’t find my SOCKS!”  “MOM!  Did you sign my paper?”  “MOM!  I NEED LUNCH MONEY AGAIN!!”  I want to leave something more important behind than just ashes.  Maybe that’s why I love the photography so much:  something tangible that I left behind.  Another reason I want to do Missions so badly, it’s something that I’ve done for Christ that will make a difference on this planet.  

So the act of blogging is really our therapy.  We meet and connect with other people that are doing the same things we are.  We are FINALLY heard by SOMEONE!  And hopefully, we can leave something behind other than laughter at our dumb mistakes.   Hopefully, I can leave more than just “Dana’s-dumb-stuff” with you. 

So that’s my theory on why we blog. 


And so I don’t leave you totally bummed, I thought I’d share our Christmas card ATTEMPTS yesterday.

And ones we might ACTUALLY use:

And because I am such a sucker for the funny photos instead of the picture perfect one, I may actually use this one because it cracks me UP!

And when she was DONE…she was DONE:


So, why do YOU blog? Happy Black Friday everyone! Pick me up some new nightgowns while you are out, please! 🙂