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Another Monday has rolled around, which means TRUTH and HONESTY in it’s purest form! Or….in total lies and denials….

I did NOT tell Mike’s family that I would bring a BIG DELICIOUS BRISKET for Thanksgiving….

And then did NOT price those bad boys and bring a NICE TASTY ROAST instead. ahem…I don’t know if ya’ll have noticed, but I am SO NOT MADE OF MONEY! LOL It was ROAST all the way! BAHAHAHA! There was turkey if ya’ll were wondering…it wasn’t like I ruined anything. I was just glad I wasn’t asked to bring my token bag of ice because of my not so stellar reputation as a cook. πŸ˜‰

I did NOT eat 2 pieces of pie….

And I would NOT tell them one was Brooklyn’s when I knew full well I was shoving that pecan yumminess into my own face, and not hers. That would be dishonest. And it was VERY GOOD. I feel no guilt.

I did NOT catch myself speeding down the highway talking to my sweet friend Hannah….

And in the midst of slowing myself down after we hung up….I did NOT get pulled over by the highway patrolman. :::snicker::: Oh no…that would not have been ME at all!

And I mostly CERTAINLY did NOT play dumb and talk myself out of a ticket. That would be terrible….really really terrible… I think it was the pecan pie breath speaking to him…. πŸ˜‰

I was NOT mortified to find out that not only my nice youth minister (Aquila project link over there———> check it out) reads my blog, but my amazing pastor reads it too. Nice. And I did NOT then decide, who cares…at least they know full well what they are getting. I don’t lie at least. This is me….in all my glory.



Sigh, yes, I’m that sad. I did work out this morning though. I was the TERMINATOR on that stupid elliptical! I got AFTER it! I hauled some BIG BUTT!

UGH…why do I always mention body parts of my dumb blog. OYE! I need a life.

Alright, back to my confessions….

I did NOT have my FIRST ever stranger photo session yesterday and have to pull over on the way there because I thought I was going to throw up. I was NOT a bit scared. At.All.


I did NOT just wake Egg #2 up with the tales of SNOW on the ground! Because when he gets down here to find the handfull of snow on the ground, he may be upset with me. I didn’t lie though!

I did NOT have a SECOND girls night out in ONE month after not having one in MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS! I did NOT thoroughly enjoy myself! But I will NOT be discussing the topic of conversations….. πŸ˜‰

I did NOT then have an impromptu photo session the next day with one of the ladies I went out with and I did NOT take some AMAZING pictures of her! I seriously HATE her hair! πŸ˜‰ She’s gorgeous! And I’m not at ALL jealous of how darn cute she is!


And I am NOT suddenly contemplating adorable hair too….with pink streaks. I’m much too old for that. πŸ˜‰ HAAAAAAAA!

And I did NOT reveal what I’d do for a MILLION dollars in my last blog, making myself look cheap and easy. Not at all. I’m a nice girl. Heh.

All I can say is, at least I’m honest. I don’t hide it. Even when I probably should….check out MckMama’s blog for more blogs of total lies! LOL http://www.mycharmingkids.net/