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I’m in a little blog funk…but I’m gonna work through it. I just have so many things going through my head right now….so many things I want to say….so this may be all discombobulated.

But I guess it needs to be said.   Just so you know…

I am not in the habit of vaguely blogging about people.   If I am referring to you, I will call you by  name.    I will say….”Cathy blah blah blah” “Jeff blahblahblah”  

I am serious about my walk and faith in Christ, so vaguely talking ill of someone is not in my habit.  As is judging others for different walks/views/beliefs, etc.  And I confessed my love of  gossip back in June and I’ve tried since then to steer clear of it.   Sometimes I fail, but I’m so much better about it.   I am NOT, as a whole, a very judgemental person.  Just so you know…

I have many varying discussions on more topics than most people would be able to follow, from a variety of sources:  church, teenagers, friends, family, message boards, emails, facebook, other blogs, and tv…etc etc.   So I BLOG about many different topics from all of these discussions, honestly, mostly from church and the youth group.  We deal with so many different subjects at any given time, it’s usually forfront in my thinking. 

This being explained, I want to say, if I have blogged on a TOPIC of discussion that we have had, unless I have actually SAID your name, chances are, I’m not referring to YOU specifically at all.  And I can have the SAME discussion in any number of places right around the same timeframe.  If I am discussing gay marriage with a friend, and I get an email later that day on gay marriage, gay marriage is in the forefront of my thinking, and chances are, I may blog about it.  If I blog about it, and YOU read it and are IN a gay marriage, just because I blog on the topic, does NOT mean I am directly referring to you.

I didn’t really think I should  have to explain this at all…but it appears I do. 

My faith and belief in Christ is most important to me, obviously I blog about it obsessively.   If you have a differing opinion than mine, I have no issue with that, but do not be offended that I BELIEVE differently than you.  If I POST an opinion of MINE on MY blog, that should not offend you.  If I also happen to voice OTHER opinions that I have personally run across from varying sources, unless it’s really off the wall and something crazy that NO ONE on this earth would believe…..chances are, I’m not referring to you specifically.  Just so you know…

I am trying to live my life as Christ-like as I can.  I am not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, I will never be perfect, I have no grand illusions of perfection.  I only hope as I forgive, I can also be forgiven in my failings.   And my character should speak volumes of the life I choose to lead, and the One I choose to follow.

So, if by chance, someone has been offended by something I have posted, I do apologize.  That was not intended, not in the past and not in the future.   But please know this, no post, past, present OR future, will ever be posted to malign someone elses character, talk ill of them, or gossip about them.   That is NOT in my character to be malicious.  Most people know this. 

I blog generally, not usually specifically, unless it’s about myself and my own family.

Please also know, that God is the Judge of us all, anyone reading to maliciously twist my words, WILL be found out.  It’s not for ME to judge them or persecute them.  That is God’s job.  I’ll leave it to Him.  I’ll just pray for you in general, because that is in my character.

Just so you know….

I’ll blog my Sunday School lesson later…I just couldn’t seem to get past THIS to blog about THAT.   And I’ve tried numerous times yesterday and today to blog the lesson, but it just wouldn’t come.  Hopefully posting this will pave the way for the lesson to be posted. Because that is so much MORE important than worthless, petty, JUNK from other people.

And that’s the truth.