Heidi's 12 days of Giving

Heidi over at Sacred and Profane is doing something amazing, and I’d like to….not COPY…but get in on her giving spirit I guess you could say…if it’s copying, well, I give her all the credit. πŸ™‚

We have been the recipients of giving in the past, and I had decided this year to step out in FAITH and do something this year to help someone else. Also why I decided to limit the number of gifts as well. Each child gets 3 presents. It’s the number of gifts Jesus received from the wisemen, so that’s how many each child will get. With the money we don’t throw away on making Toys R Us throw up all over living room in the hopes of keeping up with everyone else….(I know we are NOT the only ones doing that πŸ˜‰ ) we will be able to help another family this year. In fact, I believe I have already picked out the family we will be helping. (yes, in THIS instance, for THIS post, I am vague. If you are paranoid I am discussing you, chances are, I’m not. But vague is necessary for this post. Gosh, look at my paranoia now. UGH)

Anyway, all paranoia aside, I want to teach my children that presents and more and more and more CRAP is not what Christmas is about. It’s also not what being a Christian is about either. I want them to look further than their own selfish wishes and wants and look outward. And I can honestly say, Mike and I have been good examples for them in this. It’s the Christ in us that allows us to give even when it hurt.

And I was so pleased to see it in action with Austin today. We went to my Mom’s house today and while we were there, my sister and her family walked over too. Their youngest son, Shane, is a few years younger than Austin, and he’s the only boy in a household of all daughters, where Austin cannot relate to the household of all sisters, he can relate to a boy who likes to play BOY with another BOY when he can. So Austin and Shane go out to play football together. (And let me just say, Austin said Shane has NATURAL talent for football…GO SHANE! Maybe he’ll have football in his future!)

Austin always has a football attached to his body at any given time. If it’s not ON his person, it’s close, usually in the car. You never know when a football game may break out. πŸ˜‰

As Shane is leaving, he is grasping this football close to him and my sister asked Austin if Shane is supposed to have this football, to which he replies….”Yes, I gave it to him. It is his.” I just simply wanted to cry. Times like these, a mother treasures those moments and stores them in her heart. It was so very very sweet.

And I believe, it’s the Christ in HIM that causes him to do these things.

So, hopefully I can come up with some things we can do as a family to give to others. I’m hoping we can come up with 12. That’s a BIG GIANT leap of faith, but I’ll pray about it.

And while I’m here, Maggie from Quixotically chaotic tagged me with “7 things”. I’m supposed to write 7 things that not many people know about me.

1.) I have to concentrate to say whirlpool . It’s the “R” thing. I couldn’t say my Rs when I was little, and sometimes I still have to concentrate to say certain words.

2.) I’m afraid of the dark. Hush. Yes I am a grown adult. πŸ˜‰

3.) I’m a closet opera-liker. Not to be confused with OPRAH. Yes…don’t confuse those, please. OPERA….

4.) I’m also a closet grunge-liker too. Only some. Let me be clear.

5.) I married my high school sweetheart. And we’ll celebrate our 17th year of marriage in February. YAY!

6.) I sign. I used to sign for the music services at our old church. But I know no deaf people. Sad huh?

7.) I’d love to start my own children’s home. I need that money tree… πŸ˜‰

OK…I think that’s what I was supposed to do! LOL If I did it wrong, well….yeah, big shock I’m sure. HAAAAA!