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Another day….more confessions of my imperfection. And let me just say, I’m NOT a perfect person. I’m well aware, but I do ask forgiveness of my Heavenly Father….because in my flaws, I have forgiveness if I but ask….

So in the spirit of Christmas…and Not Me…Here we go…

I most certainly did NOT go out Saturday morning before Mike and Brooklyn were awake to go and PURCHASE pre-lit Christmas trees. Oh yes…you read that correctly. I did NOT purchase more than one of them. And they are DEFINITELY NOT only 4 foot tall a piece.

We did NOT decide the night before to go out and purchase them because we seriously did NOT want to wrestle with our big monster of an 8 foot Christmas tree that has seen it’s 16th Christmas and wants to die a natural Christmas tree death. So in the meantime…it does NOT shed it’s needles on a constant basis while it is up in protest of being hauled out YET AGAIN.

Translation: We need to buy a new, easier to manage, regular Christmas tree. But until the time that we can spare an extra hundred dollars for one, these midget trees will suffice.

We are NOT extremely happy with our 4 foot matching, midget Christmas trees. 🙂

I did NOT accidentally brush the butt of one of the young men at church yesterday, and then ANNOUNCE to him that I think I just touched his butt. And we did not laugh hysterically over it for the rest of the Meet and Greet at church. I am NOT in Junior high school, I am a grown woman that laughs over stupid things like this.

UGH, Mike did NOT just read that above statement and find me odd that I would find it funny. I did not have to explain to him as a modest woman, and to other modest women that do not go around randomly touching the derrieres of other men, it would strike them as funny as well.

No, Mike is NOT home again from work because he is AGAIN sick as a dog. And he is most CERTAINLY not missing another family holiday because he is sick…so yes, he really is going to the dr before he gets worse.

Please head on over to MckMama’s blog and see that I am not an insane woman….


I am SO very excited and very humbled that my family embraced this idea of (from Heidi’s blog). I am so happy that they were WILLING to do a smaller Christmas for ourselves in order to help someone else. They were compassionate before…but this has bumped it up a notch! I am truly honored to have done this!

1.) take goodies into the firestation DONE! And it was a HOOT! Our firemen have such great senses of humor!

2.) take in clothes to the clothes closet. HAVE, just need to GIVE them, even found a nice boys winter coat to GIVE too! I ended up with a HUGE amount! Only by the help of Mike, will I get this bag to CHURCH!

3.) give money to Jeff for his mission organization. It’s an incredible organization and we are ALL proud of him for what he’s done and has been able to accomplish. (oh and Jeff, you aren’t supposed to know about this because it’s a surprise. SURPRISE! LOL) DONE!! I was worried that the money was not there, but I choose to live by FAITH, and I’m honestly not worried a bit. Our bills are PAID, every one.

4.) give a gift to Austin’s incredibly GROUCHY sweet bus driver who picks on him obsessively takes him to and from school SAFELY.
DONE! And in the blog previous to this one, you will see how God orchestrated that to HIS liking, NOT mine. Pretty cool!

5.) Adopt a family for Christmas. We can’t say WHO because they read my blog…and that really IS a surprise. I was not able to do AS MUCH as I wanted to, but we were able to do SOME, some is better than none. And it’s already been WRAPPED AND GIVEN! YAY! Now there is another family that I SO WISH I could do….

6.) Take goodies into the police station
Well, this one CHANGED….instead of the firestation, Chandler decided if it was up to HIM, he’d rather give 2 gifts to 2 different teachers at school, so that’s what we did instead. This one is DONE as well.

7.) Give goodies to our church staff. I love my church and I’m so thankful for all of them and the sacrifices and work that goes into running a good church. DONE! and GIVEN! YAY!

8.) And I’m printing off all the baptism photos I’ve been able to take and giving them all away. DONE! and GIVEN! YAY!! I even included a couple of extra photos for one of the ladies that I was able to do pictures of, that probably would not have bought them. So they were given as a gift.

I encourage everyone to look around you this Christmas, even though it’s approaching FAST, and see what you can do for someone else around you! Our salvation is a GIFT and I am forever grateful to be loved so much by Christ!

This has truly been an eye-opening experience!! Instead of stressing over EVERYTHING, and working my hiney off to get a horde of presents for each child, each child gets 3 presents (same number that Jesus was given as a baby), and the money saved was able to teach compassion, giving, and the love of Christ. I would love to continue this, and make is a nice tradition every year!