Seriously…I can’t do it anymore….no matter how many people beg, I’m DONE! I wipe my hands of it! I am NOT gonna do it again!


….baking that is… πŸ˜‰

You didn’t actually think I’d quit running my mouth in my blog did you? πŸ˜‰

But seriously, I’m done with whole BAKING nonsense. After Thanksgiving, I tried my hand at a pecan pie with the reassurances that it was a WONDERFUL recipe….and it is….when someone ELSE makes it.

I burned it.

Then, I made Christmas cookies for my beautiful 3 year old daughter to leave for Santa….

And they looked more like starfish with legs all over the place, but none resembling a STAR at all….

And then Christmas Eve, I try my hand AGAIN at the wonderful pecan pie recipe. I learned my mistake from the LAST time…I will NOT overbake it again…

….so I made pecan soup instead. Really now….eat it with a spoon…pecan soup.

My beautiful 13 year old niece agreed to make the 2nd pecan pie for me Christmas Day so I could sit down for a little while. She used the SAME ingredients as I did. She baked it in the SAME oven as I did. And hers turned out BEAUTIFULLY….perfect yummy pecan pie.

The kicker…after everyone went home last night, Mike asked me what in the world Emily did to that pecan pie she made….it was TERRIBLE! Runny….soupy…..gross! How could she have messed up that pie!

I just looked at him.

But I did NOT spit on him….even though I wanted to. πŸ˜‰ And then explained that the pie he loved so much was NOT the one I had made….and I held up my Pecan Soup…..”This dear, is the pie I made.”

He was a very quiet man after that. Even helped clean the kitchen…but I did see him sneak another piece of that perfect pecan pie later…. grrrr…..

So I have given up on baking….I won’t be doing THAT nonsense anymore! Sheesh….


On a much HAPPIER note, Christmas was wonderful. We had my family over and that was so very very nice! I gave my parents some magnets of the kids pictures I had had made and a beautiful photo book of all the kids and grandkids.

The boys are on CLOUD 9 with what “Santa” brought them and they have played together wonderfully! Brooklyn has “cooked” and served everything and everyONE under the sun on her new play kitchen. And that is the SWEETEST thing to see! She took her turkey and placed it in a pan on her stove and “cooked” it and ate it….or shared with whoever was closest to her.

And Guitar Hero tournaments are going on….even I got in on the action, however slowly I played. Austin informed me that he BREATHES faster than I play. Hush it, kid….I gave you LIFE! πŸ™‚

Oh and Austin’s drum set that God gave him has been a tremendous thing to hear. Seriously, it was from God Himself….and we thank the people that were involved in letting God give them. Austin is a very grateful young man.

But overall, the very best Christmas presents this year were the ones we GAVE instead of received. I am so proud of my dear boys that embraced the idea and did all they could to help do MORE! Austin gave personally of himself TWICE during this season to someone who needed it.

We have been in the place where we needed help, so for God to bless us and allow US to help other people is a miracle in itself, but the biggest gift to ME above anything else.

It doesn’t mean that I gave freely without worry, and that is a shame and probably a sin and I’m working on it. God is molding and shaping ME into the person that CAN freely give….I just am holding onto my fear still. But I’m trying…and I trust God with all of my heart…or almost all of it…there is still that little portion of fear I’m working on…but my BILLS are paid! YAY!

And my handsome honey was kind enough to paint my kitchen for me today. Well half of it. And as I was watching him paint, the Lord gave me a portion of a verse as a reminder….”He makes all things new”.

I blogged quit a ways back about my adventure with ripping off wallpaper in my kitchen and equating it to exposing all of my hidden things, all my inner ugliness to Christ. I ripped it all off and exposed all those nasty things I had tried to keep hidden. But you can’t paint over existing ugly….you HAVE to rip it off of there in order to do a proper job. So off the wallpaper went….and on with the fresh coats of paint.

Christ is again, making me new and fresh again. I have tried so hard to follow His word and allow God to make me into the person He wanted me to be, and seeing that paint go up on the walls just brought a tear to my eye….still does if you want to know the truth. And it’s been so worth it.

And the color of the wall is a crimson/burgundy color….kind of fitting huh?

I encourage everyone to be open and honest about themselves, and ask God to make you into the person HE wants you to be. Not what YOUR idea about yourself is. And see what GIVING more than getting does to your heart…. πŸ˜‰