First and FOREMOST, I want to offer up special prayers for MckMama and baby Stellan.  He was a miracle that we saw play out right before our eyes, and now he is terribly sick.  Above all else…all the fun, all the laughing, all the goofiness and sillyness, we need to pray.

Lord, I cannot thank You enough for the miracle that Stellan is!  And that we  were all able to participate in it even in a LITTLE bit has been an EXPERIENCE!  Lord, I ask that You be with him now as he lays in the hospital, with what, they are unsure of just yet.  Lord, give the doctors WISDOM  to diagnose the problem and KNOWLEDGE to treat him correctly.  Give MckMama and her family PEACE as they go through these scary scary times.  Heal his tiny body.  Stay close to him.  Touch his tiny heart that is beating far too quickly and regulate it.  Touch his body as he is battling this cold, or RSV, or whatever it is that he has, and heal him.  His breathing will be improved, in Jesus name.   You knit his body together in his mother’s womb…you healed his heart already, Lord, we humbly ask that You do it again, please.  He’s so little….he’s just so little.  Lord we BOLDLY ask in Jesus mighty name!  Amen!

Gosh, now I don’t know if I have the heart to Not Me….maybe later…til then, just pray for the tiny baby Stellan:

Please head over to MckMama’s blog for any updates!  But remember to pray!