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:::::pulling up soap box:::::

:::::jumping up on it’s top:::::

:::::DEEP breath:::::

That’s your warning.  What I’m about to say may step on toes.  I may drag your shoes off your feet and stomp on them.  I may dance on them a time or two as well.   If I do, I sincerely apologize for hurting your feelings.  However, I do not apologize if your feelings are hurt out of guilt from the Holy Spirit.

If this is irrelevent to you, carry on, dude.

When in the world did we start having to ENTERTAIN people to keep you in CHURCH?  Are our attention spans THAT short that we cannot commit a handful of minutes to sitting in a church service without putting on a juggling act, food to feed your family, and throwing something in someone’s face??

Why do we have to have GAMING SYSTEMS or Ipods or COMPUTERS for teenagers personal usage while they are at church??

Why do we have to plan countless special events JUST to get you to ATTEND?  Spend large sums of money for big name speakers, when the Pastor’s wife, or the little old lady with the blue hair and hosiery who sits on the same pew every Sunday….could give you the SAME message?

Oh but WAIT…

If that event doesn’t meet your criteria, or the right people aren’t there, then forget it…I’ll sit this one out!


If you find Christ boring, I have some news for you….IT AIN’T CHRIST’S FAULT!  He already DID His job!

Seriously?  Christianity BORING??  Have you READ any of the Bible lately?  WAR all over the place!  Sex, drinking, nudity….RAMPANT in there!  Have you READ Song of Solomon…with the goat hair and the pomegranate breasts….REALLY NOW….!  It’s FULL of sinners in there!  People that aren’t perfect either, but are darn sure trying to please God!  With the intermittant peeping on nekkid ladies while they sunbathe on their roof….really….oh yeah, and sending her husband into war on the FRONT LINES so he’ll die and stuff…..ya know, IN BETWEEN all of that stuff….The Bible is FAR from boring!

So what’s boring?  Music not loud enough?  Not fast enough?  Not hard enough?  Oh, do we say GOD too much?  What if we met at 2 in the afternoon on Sundays instead?  Maybe if we meet Friday nights at 10….everyone seems to be JUST FINE with that time….well for everything else….

Maybe the lessons aren’t INSPIRING enough?  Let me don my sparkly leotard and juggle flaming batons while giving the lesson!   Maybe setting Jeff on fire in the Youth dept would be more up to speed!  That would bring the Youth in then!  We wouldn’t be BORING then!  “Let’s see who Dana sets on FIRE TODAY!”

I’m just DONE with it all.  I’m done with the mediocrity that people are settling for!  I’m SAVED!  That’s it right?  I don’t really HAVE to do all that OTHER stuff right?  It kind of puts a damper on the guys I want to date.  The whole “no-sex-before-marriage” really turns guys off….oh and no drinking?  Like, foril?  (for those that DON’T know….I guess that’s the new way of spelling FOR REAL, 35 years of spelling it the other way…I guess I’m old)  The OCCASIONAL drink is alright, right?  Drinks after 11 on Friday night don’t count….right?  And if I only drink HALF the beer, I’m clear!  Oh and God doesn’t REALLY mean for me to watch my mouth….hell isn’t a bad word, it’s a PLACE!  I only meant the PLACE…..and the Bible says ASS….I’m talking about the DONKEY, then it’s OK….right?

And it counts as PRAYING if I say “THANK GOD” when the pregnancy test is NEGATIVE right?  We’ll just forget the whole “no fornicating” thing…. I PRAYED!


(my spell checker is having a FIT over that word by the way…. 😉   )

Christ is NOT boring!  The Bible is NOT boring!  If church is boring then find a way to either help out and give up some of your time to make it better, or FIND ANOTHER ONE!  Staying home because church is “boring” is NOT an excuse!

A FULL life in Christ is WORTH IT!  It’s WORTH IT!  Trust me, giving up alcohol or sex before marriage, or bad words, is WORTH a full life in Christ!  And you WON’T even miss all that crap!  I PROMISE!

Seeing your husband change, and your kids picking up their Bibles to READ it and no one PAID them….it’s WORTH IT!  Watching a 3 year old pray over his food before he eats, is WORTH IT!   Being able to give up part of your kids CHRISTMAS so you can help other people….and somehow the bills STILL got paid….is a MIRACLE worth waiting for!  Seeing an unborn baby given a death sentence, and then born PERFECTLY HEALED AND WHOLE…it’s LIFE changing!  Watching a power point of orphans in Cambodia, and seeing how Christ is changing THEIR LIVES….it makes you SOB!   Seeing a family only a YEAR ago in the deepest part of hell because of drugs and alcohol, and now SO ON FIRE for God that they carry tracts and any other sort of evangelism item with them, so that at ANY given moment, they can share Christ with them….I’m telling you….it’s a SIGHT TO SEE!

CHRIST IS NOT BORING! If I may be so bold….I’d say it’s YOU that’s boring….and lazy.

Oh I WENT THERE!  I crossed that line….danced over it….cartwheeled over it and did a little jig on the OTHER side!

Taking that 15 minutes a day to READ GOD’S WORD…will change your life.

Uttering those first words of a prayer to the Creator of the Universe who is LISTENING, WAITING, and KNOWS YOUR NAME…will change your life.  You don’t even have to say THEE THOU SHALL SHALT SMITE or pray with a British accent!  I’ve called God DUDE before!  I’ve even YELLED at Him before!  (it did have it’s context though…trust me)  I talk to Him like I talk to my Mom….I don’t have to put on airs….I just talk.

I guess I’m just done with excuses.  If Christ isn’t who you thought He should be…maybe you need to look a little closer at yourself.

Christ DIED for us.  That’s not boring.  And He did His part…

The rest is up to US.

:::::looking around:::::

:::::stepping down off soapbox:::::

:::::putting soapbox quietly away:::::