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I sit here….a gorgeous January day….a brand new year….it’s in the 70’s outside today…..  The house is quiet with the kids forgoing inside activities to play outside before it gets cold again….

And I’m studying my lesson.  I am hiding away in the office, in the quiet, to be close to God; to concentrate on His words, and what He wants me to see and hear and experience.

Or try to….I’ve been interrupted now 5 times.  Yes, FIVE times.   For a mom and wife to find an HOURS peace in order to study God’s word is not an easy thing sometimes.  But it’s worth it.  And it’s necessary.  So now, here I am, attempt #6 at doing this lesson justice.

I believe that it’s VITALLY important to find those times to be ALONE with God.   We need to be able to concentrate on what Christ is trying tell us and if He speaks in a small voice in THIS house…with THIS chaos going on, I’m gonna miss it.  So I have to find some quiet….and some peace….and listen.

Today’s lesson takes us again to Moses and the Exodus…

I am in awe of Moses and Aaron’s willingness to go in front of Pharoah and tell him the words that God gave them to say.  They were not words that Pharoah was going to enjoy hearing and they were well aware of this, and yet….they went anyway.   That is some strong faith and trust in God!

What does it take for someone to find that faith?  That strong trust in Christ?  Well, I’m not some big religious freak, I just love and trust the Lord.  I am not a Bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination, I just read it and try my best to understand it.  What I don’t understand, I ask God to help me, either with His understanding, or by sending someone to explain it.   So, with this knowledge, here is my belief in how a real person finds that strong faith and trust….

Moses was alone with God. He was exiled for 40 years, a great chance to be alone with God!  And God called him.  Kind of like what I’m attempting to do right now….as I hide in the office….

Moses was honest with God. He knew he was a nobody.  He knew that he was just a normal, everyday, average joe, nothing special and he was honest with God about his weaknesses.  God knows us anyway, so it’s alright to sit before God and pour out all of our uglies…all of our sins, no matter what they are, how gross and nasty, God wants us to be HONEST with Him about ourselves.  And please let me assure you, God loves us no matter what backpack of ugly we carry around…no matter what we reveal to God and ask forgiveness for, God loves us anyway.  Know this.

Moses was hungry for God! I know this hunger.  I feel this hunger.  It’s almost indescribable….it’s a bubbling…it’s an anticipation unlike any Christmas Eve….I want to KNOW more of God, I seek His word with a voracity I’ve never known before.  I desire God.   That’s the easiest way I can put it.  Some have experienced it and know what I’m talking about…some don’t, but will.  And some will never experience this at all.  Some will never in their lifetimes, experience God personally out of ignorance or laziness or just outright rejection.

Moses was broken by God. Please, do not misunderstand this statement.  This is one of those religious words that is thrown around, but if you understand what it is I’m talking about, you’ll get it and it’ll make sense.  God is a Gentleman, I’ve said it several times in previous posts.  He is not going to FORCE us into anything.  He waits.  He brings about circumstances to let us KNOW and experience His will, but He does not FORCE anything.   To ME…being broken by God is a relinquishing of the reins.  I gladly, willfully, knowingly hand them over to God Almighty.  I set aside my selfish desires (or TRY to, I am human afterall), my pride, my dependence on anything and everything else, and I am attempting to build my dependence on Christ alone.   Does that make sense?

I am breaking the mold that was Dana previously, and I’m rebuilding a Supernatural Dana in Christ’s image.

All the insecurities, fears, problem areas that I cannot control myself over, repetitive sins…..those are broken away….or I’m working on them.

OK….wow….that was NOT the lesson…I’m not sure where that came from, but that is NOT the lesson!  HAAAAAAAA!!  GO GOD!  LOL  I think it went along with last weeks lesson, and I guess I missed that, but God wanted to make sure it was said!  LOL  So….do I go on and do the lesson for tomorrow?  Or do that in another blog?  We’ll see where we end up…

And there we have it….it should be another blog.  See what being alone with God does?  LOL  I need to do this more often!  LOL

I guess I was to send this message out to whoever needed it…

self portrait taken for a photography group

self portrait taken for a photography group