Oh yes….it’s time to sit back, grab the popcorn, and be entertained by the WONDER that I am…..

I did NOT encourage Mike to get a Facebook account and now that he has one, and he’s enjoying it, and WON’T get off the computer….I am NOT in competition to get the computer at ALL.  No arguing here over the computer…..

And I am NOT sitting here gloating at all that I got here first tonight…. 😉

At NO time this week did I EVER mention wetting myself and running away in flight….I am a lady and would NEVER blog about such things as losing control of my bladder.

And after saying in my blog that I would NOT actually mention that in my Sunday School lesson…..I did NOT then blurt out that very statement.  Nice.

I did NOT practically BEG Mike to order pizza Friday night because I was simply exhausted and had a ROUGH day…..

And I did NOT practically cry all over the phone to him when he said YES!  Gosh…I could not love that man more… 😀

We did NOT stay up til 2:30 in the morning with our children JUST to play Monopoly!  We are good parents who know how to put children to bed even on Family Game night!

We did NOT go to bed shortly after midnight on New Years Eve either…we are COOL parents who party WAY into the wee morning hours.  Ahem.

And we did NOT celebrate New Years at midnight in the CAR driving home students from the Youth party at church.   HAAAAA!  Happy New Years!  Get out…..

And I have NOT played Guitar Hero III with the boys EVERYDAY since Christmas.  I have a life you know….

And I am most CERTAINLY NOT reading AHEAD in my Bible when I’m supposed to be following a PLAN for reading through the Bible in a year!  And I did NOT suddenly decide today after I’ve already gotten up to day 8 (when I’m only supposed to be on Day 4) to skip ahead to the END and read that day too….I’m not TOTALLY hungry for God’s word in the LEAST!  And I’m not at ALL excited about doing this!  Gosh…how many times have I tried before and failed miserably?   Oh yeah….that’s why I’m reading all I possibly can….  and LOVING it!  I encourage everyone to do it!

Then hop over to MckMama’s blog to see what sinners everyone else is….. 😉