….and thus ends the holidays….the days off that never seem to come to me….the kids being home…and the chaos.

Back to the daily grind, the EARLY morning workouts (if I can FIND that darn Ipod! I think Austin hid it from me), the grocery shopping at 6 am, and the complaints of “Where’s my backpack?” “I’m out of lunch money again!” “I have NO clean jeans/socks/boxers/shirts/etc!” “Where’s my OTHER shoe??” and the “Anyone seen my hoodie?”

Back to NORMAL….

The special holiday days off are SO nice, I never get days off. So to have 2 days off for Christmas, that turned into 3 (YAYYYY!) and then another day off for New Years…(supposed to be New Years Eve, too, but I had a parent NEED me that day, so I worked…) gosh, that was nice….a girl could get spoiled to that!

But one thing I don’t want to get back to “normal” is my spiritual walk. Reading the Bible EVERY DAY makes a difference: a REALLY good one! I don’t want to fall back into that comfortable routine of Christian life: go to church on Sunday, work through the week, and everything you learned from Sunday doesn’t transfer over to NORMAL life. I’m happy to be different. I’m happy to be out-of-the-ordinary, NOT-run-of-the-mill. I like picking up my Bible and reading it more than just on Sunday morning when the Pastor stands up and says “Open your Bible to….” It’s kind of empowering to do it yourself on your own, just you and Christ! I’m enjoying it! Still doesn’t make me a Bible scholar or mean that I understand all of it! HAAAAA!! Sometimes I just want them to talk to me like I’m 4…. 😉

But the New Year is looking good….lots of anticipation of events to come! 2 weeks, Brad Fogarty will be here for a weekend Youth conference that will be FANTASTIC! If you’ve never heard him, SERIOUSLY, you have to make it out here for that…**INCREDIBLE** Faithweek is ALWAYS good, and possibly a Mission trip in my future? I hope so. And if I’m a REALLY good girl, I’m hoping for a job change. REALLY hoping…but that’s scary to think about.

And hopefully in between all of that, I’ll be able to take some photos. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go full-professional photography, probably not, I don’t delude myself. But learning and practicing is SUCH a joy! And hopefully someone will need me for the occasional event or will just hold still long enough for me to SHOOT them….I’d be happy with that. My kids are not liking me OR my camera so much anymore. 😀


Lord, I ask that You be with us…closer than we’ve ever known! I ask that You put us where You want us to be, to do the things You want us to do. Lord, keep us always accountable. Give us enough for each day, please, in Jesus name…