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It’s been a LOOOOOOOOOONG week…and I’m READY for the weekend!

Over Christmas, we had a Youth party over at a family’s house and I was admiring their BEAUTIFUL chair!  Oh the LEATHER and the yumminess!  It was GORGEOUS!

I received an email from the mom the following Monday asking if I’d LIKE the chair….they would like to DONATE it to Dana’s Photography!  YAY!!   Now I’m not all OFFICIAL or anything, maybe ONE day, but I do have “clients” and I practice a LOT.  I love it!  Seriously LOVE doing it.

So OF COURSE, I told her YES YES YES!!  And yes…the first day that it was actually WARM enough to do some outdoor photos, I drug that chair outside to snap some photos…

I was gonna post more, but I’m having trouble putting in photos.  Kind of ironic since it was Photo Friday!  LOL

Have a GREAT weekend!  I’m off to church for our Faithweek Unplugged!  Head out to Eastwood at 7 tonight or 6 tomorrow for a FANTASTIC Youth conference!