Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Another EXCITING week….another week of  “OMG did she JUST SAY/DO THAT??”    And here I thought I was doing better….

This week, I did NOT find 2 kids in my dryer…

It was NOT my beautiful, kind, compassionate daughter that was taking them by the hand and sweetly putting them in either.  I would NEVER allow children to play in the dryer.  It is dangerous…..and usually too full of laundry for anyone to fit in there…

I did NOT think it was TOTALLY hilarious that she so gently helped them in…and I did NOT take pictures of it….  😉

We had an INCREDIBLE Youth conference this weekend at church, and I of course, had to fill my quota for stupid Not Me’s…

We went on a “Fishing (for men) Trip” along with several other churches to one of our local malls.  I haven’t been there in YEARS….so of course, I conducted myself as a COMPLETE lady at all times.  ahem.

While there, I most CERTAINLY DID NOT go TEARING across the mall to scare fellow church members who did NOT know we were there doing this.   (And as luck would have it….they were all old, which made it ALL the funnier TO ME!)

On of these episodes of my own personal Scare Tactics of church members,  it was NOT ME that scared the head of our Women’s ministry til I seriously thought she’d had a heart attack.

My first thought was NOT “Oh great….I killed her.”  And then…”Oh great… I made her wet herself in the Mall….”

And I did NOT find it totally hilarious to find out the next day from her, that our Youth Minister enjoys scaring her too because she’s so jumpy.  (Sorry, Jeff, she totally gave you up…cat’s out of the bag….)  But see?  I’m a good girl at least….I did apologize.  I’m not a complete lunatic.  Only partial…

I did NOT have a conversation about ladies who lose control of their bladders after having babies, on the church van on the way back to church….full of mostly college girls who will probably run SCREAMING for their sterilizations now.   I’m all about the TRUTH being taught afterall.  Call it my own subtle way of teaching abstinance….  😉

The conversation was NOT started because we were laughing so hard, I thought I WOULD lose control of my bladder….my stomach hurt, I was crying, and it was one of those laughs where you don’t actually make any sound at all….you’re face is just all squished up in a paralyzed expression…those are the dangerous ones….don’t make mothers do that.   That WILL BE your only warning…

But on a more serious note, I did NOT take absolutely GORGEOUS photos during the Youth conference, during some of the MOST precious times…and  yes, I will blog about it in the next post….

I did NOT spend EASILY 9 full hours just EDITING photos this weekend.  I am seriously NOT even done editing the OVER 200 pictures I took during the conference!  And they were NOT ALL so good that nearly EVERY ONE OF THEM is a great, usable photo!  YAY!

I do NOT wish at ALL that I could do this for a living…I do NOT think these are the MOST beautiful pictures, of the MOST precious moments EVER!  And I do NOT wish at ALL that I could give up my full time crappy job to do this for a LIVING!

I will post more pictures later….God moved….and it was AMAZING….

Right now, head on over to MckMama’s to see what others did NOT do this week….