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I have REACHED my limit for human contact. There canNOT be anymore. I am done.

If your house is on fire or there’s blood, leave a message…but everyone else, just take 10 giant steps BACKWARDS….


From this time forward, until I am no longer clinically-insane, there will be NO MORE of the following:

~whining, crying, fussing, and fighting over WHO gets the bottom bunk. Pray very hard that I do not give you the FLOOR to sleep on….although…that IS a very nice idea…OK, from HENCE FORTH, I DECLARE all those fighting over the bottom bunk will sleep on the floor….I like that…stop praying for that now…

~complaining that my dog barks at night. He is a DOG. That’s KIND OF what they do. He only barks AT something, if he is barking, check your doors and windows and shut your whining. Thank MY DOG that he possibly saved your life. Ya know…if…. I am at a loss as to what else to do about the barking. I’m trying to find a home for him, even though he IS a remarkably great dog….really good with kids….but if there is something out of place at night, he WILL bark. Buy a big box fan and sleep like a baby….



~whining and crying ALL DAY over your leggings going up when you sit down. They are leggings…if I buy anything BIGGER they will fall off your nonexistent butt. You are 3, stop crying over stupid stuff.


~SCREAMING my name in LOOOOOONG, LOUUUUUDDDD squeals in notes only DOGS can hear. It is NOT effective in doing anything but making me angry. And doing it when I’m 2 inches from your face….is lethal.

~if you see that I’m having a ROUGH day…do not leave me with all the kids. I mean realllllllllllllly now….you don’t hear that? You don’t see the boys fighting? You don’t hear Austin trying to get away with saying, but not REALLY saying….bad words??? Honest to PETE, really? You can’t see that I’m literally pulling my hair out in large chunks? I should not have to CRY to be noticed that I’ve lost my mind….oh wait….no…that wasn’t noticed either….

~EXCUSES! I’m DONE with excuses! I am done with it out of ADULTS, I am DONE WITH IT out of teenagers, I’m DONE WITH IT out of children….just DON’T. DO NOT. If you don’t want to go to church, fine, but don’t give me excuses that make you look stupid. Don’t want to read your Bible? FINE! But don’t make excuses why you CAN’T! You just look STUPID! And while I’m at it, seriously, stop LYING. Especially over REALLY dumb stuff. We know it’s a lie, you just look STUPID. OYE!

~KIDS! I’m DONE with kids….babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children…I’m done. I don’t want to do this ANYMORE. I want to be independently wealthy. I want to serve the Lord in SOME CAPACITY that will pay my bills. I don’t have to be RICH, I just want my bills paid….and the occasional Gymboree… 😉

~NO MORE WAKING ME UP IN THE NIGHT! I don’t CARE what show is on at 5:30 in the morning….you are NOT getting up, turning all the lights on, and watching it. I may hurt some form of your body if you do it….again. Brooklyn, Mommy loves you very very much, but if you continue to wake me up EVERY HOUR with your crying in the night, I may have to put you outside with Ramses. The neighbors already don’t like us….let’s add some fuel….

I’ve reached my limit for stress right now. I have 2 bills I don’t know how I’m going to pay. I have dental work that REALLY needs to be done, but I can’t afford it. I need to get into the dr, but can’t because I work ALL.THE.TIME. And I got a notice in the mail that Austin was kicked off the bus AGAIN. This time: getting off the bus too slow. Actual paper says, and I quote: On 1/12, Austin was toward back of bus-walked VERY SLOW [she underlined these 2 words TWICE] when his turn to get off. Assigned front seat for 2 weeks. In front is loud, annoying and disrespectful. OK, let me get this straight, you give him a PUNISHMENT of sitting in the front because he got off the bus too slow….and then he was loud, annoying and disrespectful because of it. Ya know, sistah, I think I’d be loud, annoying and disrespectful for your stupidity too. I’m just sayin….

Guess I need to go back and read my own blog posts huh? I think I JUST blogged about this….looking at it with NATURAL eyes….

And funny…my daily Bible reading: My eyes are always looking to the Lord for help, for He alone can rescue me from the traps of my enemies.

So until further notice, please, just everyone leave a message until I’ve reclaimed my sanity. It’s gone missing. And may never return.