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Hail from the frigid NORTH….wait…except it’s just Oklahoma. I don’t care, I LOVE weather! Strange weather, bad weather, hot weather, cold weather, ice, snow, tornadoes, thunderstorms, I LOVE weather! It gives us something different. If it was a sunny, balmy 78 degrees everyday, how boring would that be? But throw in an ice storm, and then 2 days later 80 degree, sunny day…now THAT’s fun!

…cup half full guys…work with me here….much like appreciating the refining fire we go through sometimes when God is perfecting us….if we complain and fight it, what have we learned? Like appreciating the hard times as a learning experience instead of “God just hates us.” We learn and grow and pray and enjoy the 80 degree sunny days when we have them…


And it’s BEAUTIFUL out there! Every blade of grass looks like it has been drenched in glass…the sun hits it and it just sparkles like diamonds! Kids with rosy red cheeks from playing outside….


….oh….except Brooklyn was WAY less in love with it than Austin was. She hated it. HATED it! But she had a kind, compassionate brother that lifted her out of the snow and ice when her mean, less compassionate mother wanted to take pictures instead of carrying her whiny, crying, complaining little self around… ๐Ÿ˜‰

The sledding….


….oh wait….that’s our DRIVEWAY! Shoveled THREE times yesterday before we just gave up. Thank you, dear Lord, for 4 wheel drive. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is NOT a fun driveway in ice and snow. OK, it’s not much of a fun driveway just getting the mail on ANY day….


My beautiful wisteria in the backyard looks like a wonderful ice sculpture, every curve and twist outlined in ice….the beauty is there if you’ll look….


Even Chandler stood still for half a second for me to snap a picture. I actually DO have 3 children…it just so happens that 2 of them are sick of my camera. ๐Ÿ˜€


And then it happens….for just a brief, shining moment, even the grumpiest of grumpies….the whiniest of the whines…and the loudest of all screamers….suddenly stops…..and realizes……Ice and snow isn’t so bad!

And then it was gone….

But, in all of this weather that has kept us for the most part inside playing games and drinking snowballs (hot chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream), it has got Mike and I thinking….and hoping, and planning.

And last night, we laid out what it would cost for me to be able to go full-on PROFESSIONAL with my photography. And I’m talking equipped to do weddings, events, and portrait photography, with a much better chance to do Mission photography as well. The price had me gasping for breath, but excited all at the same time. And if I took on extra work now, and saved every dime of it, in about 18 months time, I would be able to go for it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Scary undertaking, but if I could do it, the possibilities for mission trips and NOT losing money to pay actual bills would be there! So our goal is to save $5,000 in the next 18 months.

Yeah….YIKES!! In THIS economy?? But that is what we’ve laid at the Good Lord’s feet….if it’s meant to be, it’ll come. If it’s not, well….then, we’ll go where He leads us. But this looked like a more feasible plan to still get our bills paid, but still have the flexibility of doing Mission photography as well.

But in all things, we want to do what the Lord wants of us. So, if you could, just keep us in your prayers. We need wisdom and guidance for the future…financial investors wouldn’t be bad either…LOL But our desire is what God wants. That is above all else.

And who knows where He will lead us…