I stumbled upon this blog in my Not Me wanderings….and thought it was a GREAT idea!

So…here is my nomination for her Sweet Sensation giveaway:

HEIDI from Sacred and Profane!

She is as REAL as they come! She is HILARIOUSLY sarcastic! She pulls NO punches! And she is an incredibly great Mom struggling to get through motherhood alive just like the rest of us….with a never-ending shot of good humor. 😀

And let’s NOT forget the inspiration for our 12 days of Giving as a family came from Heidi HERSELF! It was her baby….and we just jumped on her bandwagon! LOL

She just deserves this. Well….actually, she deserves an all-expense paid vacation for a MONTH…but sadly, since I can’t give THAT to her, I’ll nominate her instead….

Please, head on over to The reality of Happily Ever After and nominate our muse and mentor, Heidi!