Oh yes they call her the STREAK….

Nawwww…I’m just playin’. πŸ˜€

But since you all ASKED….UGH….repeatedly, I’ll show the streaks. Or what I could GET of the streaks…


Little creepy there…..OK a LOT creepy….but you get the idea.

The other one I have is the WHOLE big ol’ face. Maybe just as creepy? BAHAHAHAHAA!! Not so easy taking a picture of your own head…


So there ya have it…..the blonde with the streaks…. πŸ˜€

Mike says I’ll have to actually get some SUN now. LOL Speaking of….he is at his sleep study at the hospital not far from us tonight, so I’m actually wasting time before I have to go to bed. Just a little scared to do that….I should have made someone come and stay the night with me. πŸ˜€

And the funeral for Mike’s Grandpa is Thursday at 10:00. We got a phone call during our Teacher’s meeting after church yesterday, that his Grandpa had passed away. 😦 We were expecting it, but at the same time, it’s so hard to lose such a GREAT man. Mike left the meeting and took a walk by himself outside around the church. He said he was “praising God”. I guess I looked a little surprised he would say such a thing, but he said his Grandpa lived a GOOD life, he was a GODLY man, and he was ready. And he thanked God for taking him Home. You can’t answer any better than that….

I’ll probably blog about him after the funeral. 😦

Guess I should get to bed now…I DO have to work tomorrow…pray for me? LOL