This is my FIRST edition of the Titus 2 Tuesday blog carnival! Shanda, at A Teachable Heart runs it and it is SO sweet!

So here goes…

What have learned from another woman this week? (or ever)

I can imagine that MOST things I have learned from another lady, will be my Mom. She is an amazing lady, and doesn’t even know it. Odd really….how can such Greatness be in such a little body, and the owner NOT even know it’s there? Well it’s there, and it’s high-time more people other than small villages in New Mexico worship her. πŸ˜€

(That was a joke….I know we don’t worship people. Only God and Pepsi, in that order…..)

Anyway, my Mom has always been amazing, even during my teenage years when I thought she was dumb and didn’t have a CLUE as to what she was talking about….she did…..and I didn’t. Now that I’m older and wiser, I know this….

Funny how, of my growing up years, I don’t remember the bad stuff. I have siblings that do, and only seem to remember the bad stuff, but I don’t. I only remember the 3 years we went without a TV and we did stuff together. Novel idea, huh? We made **COUNTLESS** hook rug things, all sitting together around the living room. Even my Dad made at least one! I remember a birthday in the caboose of McDonald’s! Oh I was IT that year, I’ll tell you….my parents probably had to sell off a sibling to make it happen, but she made it happen! I remember other birthdays too, not as specific, but I remember she always made them SO special for us, even if we didn’t have HUGE parties, the day was all about US and I loved that. As a child with siblings, I loved having a day that was ALL about ME! πŸ˜€ Oh yes, I’m selfish like that.

Anyway, I’m getting away from the theme that I’m supposed to be writing about…..ahem.

I love my husband. Devoutly. Steadfastly. Unwavering. I bow at his feet and remove his shoes for him when he comes home from work. Dinner is always waiting for him, and always hot. And we never ever argue about anything…… πŸ˜‰

OK, not true. Some of it is…..I do love my husband. But being married is NOT easy! Sometimes it is just plain difficult! Two people living in a house that are not that much a like in MOST areas, are NOT going to agree and get along all the time. Life steps in and takes a squat on us from time to time making it even more difficult to manage to keep everything together and functioning the way it should too. So to stay married to the SAME man for almost 17 years now, takes work, and effort and forgiveness, dedication…sometimes when you don’t even feel it.

And growing up, if there were problems in my parents marriage, I was not aware of them. As an ADULT, I know they went through some TERRIBLE times, but my Mom didn’t let us know. But, because of those times, she was able to give some good, Godly advice, advice that for me, has helped.

Stick it out. It’s worth it. Growing old with someone you have spent your lifetime with is worth it. And Time mellows out most men. My Dad is NOT the same man that raised me. God has made him into a NEW creation!

Make time. And being a parent, that is HARD to do sometimes, and one rule that has not been always easy to keep. Luckily, Mike is an amazing Dad and loves to be with the kids just as much as I do.

Pray! Probably the best advice she ever gave me, PRAY for your husband daily. And not just for God to make HIM a better husband, but that He will make YOU a better wife. πŸ˜‰

Laugh a lot. Keep that sense of humor. And that’s one thing that is easy for Mike and I, we both share a lot of the same humorous traits. Although, he has a thing for that slap-stick comedy stuff like Airplane movies, and I think they are dumb as dirt. πŸ˜‰

And times when you just don’t FEEL it….Fake it. And I know that sounds REALLY odd, but it’s true, AND it works. She said remember all the reasons you married. Get out your wedding album and remember all those times together. And while you are praying, plaster on that fake smile and adore your husband. Pretty soon, you’ll find, it’s NOT fake. You’ll find that you do see him with those same feelings that you had before.

We just watched Fireproof for the first time last Friday and I LOVED it. I wanted to shake the wife really hard….but I LOVED the movie!

Life is hard. Marriage can be hard. But if we keep working on both, and trust in God, it’ll work out.


Oh and there’s that picture again that my Mom just hates! LOL So again, don’t tell her I’m using it. πŸ˜‰ But it’s one of my VERY favorite ones of my parents.

Oh and I realize AFTER I posted this….I still didn’t stick to the theme. Oh great….Shanda, my FIRST post for the carnival and I did it wrong! HAAAAAAAAAA!! Feel free to fire me. πŸ˜›