I’ve tried to do this post a couple of times today, but WordPress was having some issues. Let’s hope I can post it… (Word to WordPress….someone run down to the basement and kick the hamster….somethin’s not workin’….)

Well, I saved this post for today to honor a great man, whom I am very thankful for helping to raise MY husband up as a Godly man. During his funeral today, they mentioned the date of his birth, the date of his marriage….and the date of his salvation. Then the date of his Going Home. I loved that, that’s important and says a lot about the man he was.


Willis was a very respectable man of integrity who taught kindness, compassion, and forgiveness to his children and grandchildren. His kindness and smile was what you remembered….and those beautiful twinkling eyes. When Mike’s own father wasn’t the example for him growing up, Willis was.

Father God, I THANK You for Willis. I thank You that he was the example that Mike needed to become a great man after Your own heart.


I’m proud Mike carries your name, Grandpa, and honored to have given our firstborn the same. You will be missed, but more importantly, we REJOICE the kind of life you lived and CELEBRATE your return Home!


Happy Thankful Thursday…